September 2nd 2006
Published: September 8th 2006
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So I arrived in Fiji, made it into town- you don’t want to spend long there!! Bit hasselly but not too bad. Got taken into a shop to drink Kava- there local drink- tastes like mud water -sort of. He then managed to sell me some stuff and book me onto a trip to an island Mana for a week. I thought I’d made a big mistake- but as it turned out I had a great time there.

I got a small speed boat over there it took about an hour and there were 6 of us on board. The first day was quite and took a walk around a bit of the island and found my own private beach. The meals were all included, each time they bring a loaded plate out and you eat what your given, for me the fussiest eater in the world has actually worked out well. They know I’m vegetarian and everything the fed me I have eaten (apart from one night of egg plant!!)

Our backpackers was right next to a posh resort which had kayaks and windsurfers. I pretended I was at the resort and used both and one day went

Our dive instructor. He had a nice personality too!!!
into there salt free infinity pool which was heaven as our showers were half salt water.

On the 2nd and 3rd day I had my 12 bed dorm completely to myself- It was great!! In the adjoining double room was Katrina (a secondary art teacher from just south of London) and Robbie (originally from Ireland). They were so much fun and I have not be on my own since. The other people I have met where Brandon and Kiwi staying at the posh resort with his family, Kate a Canadian, Kerstin the German, Dominic another Kiwi and James from Newmarket, Suffolk!

Dominic and I went Shark diving and Kate and I did another dive with a very fit Fijian called Marcus (grr!- just look at his stomac) who was also one of the dancers in the evening entertainment. Diving is great especially as compared to the UK you can see further and it is warmer however I could have stuck with the snorkeling as Dominic, James and I went snorkeling and saw the same fish, a shark and a stingray!

Kerstin and I decided we were going down to the Coral coast, back on the mainland, as Tiki the receptionist (who was lovely but very camp) told us about a home stay there for 8pounds a night all meals included. Kate, Dominic and James ended up coming with us.

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Tiki and CatrinaTiki and Catrina
Tiki and Catrina

Tiki was our wonderful smiley hoast.

See never alone!!
Blue star fishBlue star fish
Blue star fish

I bought a waterproof bag for my cmera so I can take underwater photos.

9th September 2006

Just back fro Italy
Hi flew back today Sat 9th. Very sunny and lovely views of Tuscany. Will update my blog at some point. going broadband on wed 13th and have bought a skipe phone so if internet cafes have these we can talk for free I believe. Glad you are having a good time and have found lots of people to hang out with. I am taking Dorin to a dog show in Assington in a little while, not agility just fun and then collecting Tonga the kitten this evening. Dad in Holland car racing. lots of love mum
13th September 2006

So pleased you've met some others - knew you would...It's just that its nice to share experiences isn't it? and when you move on you'll meet more and more different people. I think I'd enjoy that as much as, or even more than the different places! Keep on having fun!

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