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December 21st 2005
Published: December 21st 2005
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hello everybody
long time no talk i know, me and the boys have been up to alot in the last month or so. somewhere between the mountains and the ub40 ive lost myself in the beauty of this place. everyday is jam packed with gorgeous views. i am looking out the window in the city of wanaka right now and theres a mountain right there, 3 days away from christmas. not something im used to.

we came across from the north island on the Interislander ferry, through the crystal clear water of the pacific. the cook straight treated us to a salty 3 hour ride to the south. from the city of picton we headed to kaikoura and then christchurch. then into the mountains in a city called methven. if you know a little something about the lord of the rings there is a place called edoras which we visited, some of the pics im uploading are from that day. one of the most beautiful days of my life. we camped on a lake and woke up to the sun lighting the mountains ahead. just beautiful. from there we checked out the city of tekapo, another camping ground for us by the lake. a good night went down there, full of bounty and landmarks. we also checked out mount cook, the closest amount of snow were going to get to home this year.

we are now in the city of wanaka, not far from queenstown, where we'll be for christmas.

everyday i am learning. i cant help but smile. everyday i am fulfilling my dream that i wont wake up from for a while...not that i plan on it either. its a dantastic feeling.

im sorry about the lack of updates but we have seriously been so busy...and the internet is like 12$ an hour in some little cities...oi vay

im going to let the boys say a little something now.

mike: here we are on the South Island, aka lord of the rings territory. I have been touring out while the boys, think I am crazy, I have seen lots. Edoras, Pelanor fields, and the stars of the south. Even though the weather could be better, I still love the south and I cant wait to see the rest. Christmas is upon us and I wish all of you the best. Mike

andy: Things have changed here. We have made our way down south after an amazing time in Wellington. But I think we are after more here in the South. We have seen sights that had only dreamed of seeing. I think this is where the true essence of the trip has started, what we all set out to accomplish. Nights spent in hostels have been replaced with nights in the tent and urban landscapes have been replaced with mountains.

I have noticed a lot of growth between the three of us day by day. We've been helping eachother a lot and just growing as individuals. The sights have been fantastic. We've utilised the rental car idea which has helped us to venture out into the wilderness to see sights not normally seen by foot. We are all very excited to continue our journey through the south, and are ready for any more challenges to come our way. Things are definately changing.

check out the pics guys...they'll be on this website as it can hold a ton more pics for you. enjoy, we've enjoyed taking them.

merry christmas to from the south, and the sun, embrace your families and friends, and stay safe.




21st December 2005

Hi Danny! Ali and I have been reading your latest update and boy, am I ever impressed with the hugenous (is that a word!) of it all. You certainly have taken the bull by the horns and are continuing your adventure to the fullest! It sounds absolutely beautiful and if I were your mom I would be beside myself with worry!!!! Also, I would have by now been plunged into the depths of despair about you being so far away at Christmas! You also must be feeling that way without me confirming it all for you; however, at least you are not having to deal with the snow. It has be snowing here for days on end making it difficult to get around but beautiful for Christmas. Alison is home for the holidays, which of course makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Our blended family is doing fine. A few bumps along the way but that is to be expected. all our love at christmas time...goodluck and keep on trekkin' love, the Miliken, Bond, Mockler family
23rd December 2005

Wishing you and everyone a Merry Christmas :)
Hey Danny! It’s been a while since I last read through your journal so I decided to see what you’ve been up to. I am in aw and amazement as to everything you have done on your journey thus far! I read and look through all your pictures just trying to imagine what it would be like to experience what you are experiencing everyday!!! The fact that you guys get to have the opportunity to wake up to a sunset by the lake with a beautiful mountain view makes me very envious! I think it’s so cool that you guys were at the same location where Lord of the Rings was shot…haha some of those pics made me laugh as well! Well I would like to wish you and everyone you are with a very Merry Christmas. You will most likely be hearing from me in the New Year :) ~Nancy~
25th December 2005

tight pictures guys. Some of them are so beautiful, and the firestick ones are just plain gold. Have a damn good christmas guys, take it easy.

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