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December 5th 2005
Published: December 5th 2005
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hello everybody, we are still here in Wellington NZ. i have grown to absolutely love this city, there is so much to do in such a little space it seems. i really am happy we decided to stay here for a bit to relax and catch our breaths.

we have been blessed in our stay here in the nations capital through our friend David Miller back home in London. him and mike have been friends for years and his uncle lives in Wellington. they have taken us in a couple of nights and totally spoiled us with a home cooked meal, some movies and a loving home feeling environment. they have taken us numerous places in our stay and really showed us the real Wellington.

in the morning of dec 4th the lovely Prior family took us to the bird sanctuary which was a fascinating as the whole park is closed off so pests cannot get in and disturb the wildlife. we napped that afternoon and headed off to the Priors for supper.

today we got up early and went down to a place called Red Rock, it is along the coast of wellington, and we actually 4WD'd our way through the area, i have some pictures i will upload soon when we get on a good computer. we had lunch with Katherine (David's cousin) and the driver Ollie, an extreme 16 year old if we ever met one.

after that we went to the local zOo. it was really good from the baboons to the giraffes, we had a great time and spent the rest of the day there. some great pictures came out of that experience to, coming soon. 😊

as i sit here on the other side of this beautiful planet, away from everything ive known my whole life. my family, friends, places, work, home, everything. keeping busy has kept my mind at work constantly. ive learnt so much about myself so far on this journey of mine, that i feel so good about everything. it has opened my eyes to so many things and brodened my views on the world, and the people in it with me. keep smiling, and have a coffee on me guys. talk to you guys soon, stay tuned for pictures. 😊



5th December 2005

yup...still jealous...lol!
I find myself looking at ur journals everytime im on the computer...reading all ur journals and looking through all of ur pics almost allows me to escape our Canadian winter! ur picutes are amazing and all ur journals are written in a way that allows everyone who reads at them to have taste of ur wonderful journey!!! im gald to see that already u have gained so much from this experience...which makes u wonder about what awaits u in the near future :) Defiantly lookin forward to reading ur upcoming journals and seeing pictures!!!!! ~Nancy~
6th December 2005

DP, take care of those Schmidt boys, they're delicate
Glad to hear you guys are having a great time in NZ, I'm jealous. yeah the stories about the zoo and hobbit town are all very nice, but beano wants some heroin/hooker gangbang stories. how about it hmmm? you guys have fun and come back safe, i need you guys. you know charlie's angels? well you three are like Beano's angels, except not sexually arousing. upload pics keep at that blog, talk to you guys soon
15th December 2005

Are you shaking?
Hey Dano. Just read about the earthquakes!! Did you feel it? Heard they felt it around Wellington and up the coast. ARe you still there or have you moved on? They also said the fog was really bad and had to delay flights. Sounds pretty exciting. Hope things are still going well, and you make it to your destination for Christmas. All my love .Aunt Cathy

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