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January 29th 2008
Published: January 29th 2008
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24-1-8 handwavers changing face of campaign. children are in it. soft sell. major rush in the morning in front of newsagency/chemist. all sorts, the elderly yes, no problem, kooris on side and fun's a winna mait. our frame of reference, the ever increasing zeros on our bank accounts, house prices through the roof. what does the black swan know of our reality? laundry day successful drying in the caravan park lakeside tented up or starting dingy, fishing all the go. lack of skateboard knobs and wear on concrete corners marks a town comfortable with youth. luxury lake overlooking multimansions high on a hill soaked in sea air and sunshine, puffy nimbi beneath a light blanket of stratus their darkening bottoms offering potential of rain.


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