Day 4- 6

April 17th 2007
Published: April 17th 2007
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Day 4: Today it was raining alot again so again the walk we were suppose to go on we did not end up doing. On the way out of Waitomo we stopped at a rabbit shearing barn. It was really funny there bring out these really big furry rabbit and sherr them just like they would sheep. Never in my life did I think I would see this but it was funny to watch and the bunnys just lay there and are completly calm. We drove for the rest of the morning untill we got to Taupo where we stopped for a walk by the second longest river in New zealand and then drove to are hostel. The rooms were a bit small with so many people in them for this one but the rest was pretty nice. We spent the day just hanging out and walked around the small town. I met a few people from a different tour that I spent most of my time hanging out with that day. Again I bought my dinner that night ( i have been doing that most nights, its alot easyer and not that much more expensive, i normally eat breakfast and lunch with food that I bought from the super market tho) That night we had a big party night and went to some of the local bars, it was alot of fun to actually go out on the town for the first time.

Day 5: Today was another day just for relaxing since we were staying in the same hostel again and alot of people went sky diving but it was just nice to not have to go any where or spend any money for once. At night we decided to treat are selve to a nice dinner so a few of us went out for streak. It was expensive but so worth it, and since I had not been spending to much money latly I felt like it was a nice treat!

Day 6: I was a bit sad to be leaving my new friends that I met that were not part of my tour but I find everyone is on the same sort of path so you end up running in to people alot after leaving them so I hope to see them again. The weather was really bad again today so we went on a shorter walk instead of the long one we want to go one. We went to this really beautiful waterfall that was from a scean in one of the lord of the rings movies so that was really cool to see. We then spent the day driving up to river valley. Its this Family ran hostel in the middle of no where so it surrounded by land and it is so beautiful and very peaceful. Two new people joined are our tour today, they are both traveling on there own too so we get along really well. So the three of us went for a nice hike when we got there. i felt kind of like going on a hike back home since it was not really a path like the rest of the hikes and walks I have been on since being here. And for once the weather was not that bad so it was nice to get out and walk around. There is alot of beautiful farm land around where we are staying, its very nice.They cook all meals there so i decided to pay for dinner which was really good. We all just hung out and talked tonight after dinner and then went up to bed ... and well it really was like going to bed with everyone since are room sleeps 20 people and it really is just to long matresses and everyone sleeps beside eachothing in a row. It was kinda hard to sleep with that many people in the room so we all did not get a very good sleep that night.


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