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Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila June 18th 2014

As I get ready to head over to Vanuatu on the experience of a lifetime, the nerves have officially hit me today. Packing my life and resources all into 1 small suitcase makes it all seem very real. I am heading over to Vanuatu to teaching the local children in Mele Maat Primary School for 3 weeks. My goal whilst there is to enrich and educate these children's lives and hopefully strike a love and passion for learning and education. The nerves have taken over to a point that doubt has begun to set in, can I really do this? Can I educate children from another culture? Is this really what I want to do? I guess it is too late to back out now, I am going ahead with this. So tomorrow marks the day ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila September 1st 2012

In September 2012, Paul and I had one of the most amazing holidays in Vanuatu. We had the pleasure of staying four nights in Port Vila. We went to relax and chill out, yet we experienced so much more! Vanuatu has the friendliest people and beautiful, natural landscapes I've seen. In our time there we got to drive buggies through the jungle, spend time with local villagers, swim in the Cascades Waterfalls, visit the Secret Garden and eat at a Melanesian feast, plus much more! We stayed in the most beautiful and secluded resort in Port Vila called Paradise Cove. It was 25 minute drive from the centre of town and only had 10 bungalows.The resort is set in an established tropical garden and on a beautiful reef, which is great for snorkelling and swimming. We ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila January 13th 2012

Shore day in Port Vila Vanuatu. This is the capital and on the island of Efate, the south west of the group of islands formerly known as The New Hebrides as named and chartered by Captain Cook. A small capital of around 30,000 people from a mix of nationalities with the principal language of Bislama (pidgin type of language ) English and French. In the harbour lies the island of Iririki which has expensive looking resorts doted around. There seems to be quite a lot of marketing of homes and villa to expats, lots of real estates. The harbor had a constant sea mist today, not sure if this is usual. It was hot and muggy when we disembarked and we ran the gauntlet of the taxis and vans lined up and took one to town. ... read more
Parliament house
Local transport

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila August 20th 2011

I've dragged myself to write today's blog, and yesterdays blog for what I can remember of it - well most of it was spent in the office so not much to say! I think there will be more periods where i'm just unable to write a blog every night, mainly due to being too tired or just too busy. So I might do it every other day or so. Yesterday (19/08/11) consisted of waking up at 6am again (naturally) packing my bags, having breakfast in my room, sorting out a few things with important things in safe pockets/distance from me and so on. I then checked out from the over priced hotel, 7,500 vatu per night. Which comes to something like £40-50 per night! Really isn't as cheap as i expected it to be at all. ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila August 17th 2011

So today I touched down in Vanuatu (17th Aug) it's some time in the evening here... must remember to change time on my phone. I feel like i've been travelling for years. It was so good to finally have a shower and brush my teeth after finally putting my bags down. Flight from London to Dubai went fine. Dubai to Brisbane was fine, I just didn't remember how long it took.. it went on forever.. was at least 12 hours flying.. the good thing was that it wasn't fully booked and i managed to secure 3 seats to myself next to a window... so yeah I was able to lie down and get a fair amount of sleep. Might go off on a rant now but I hate Australian customs, it's the most fuss in the ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila July 17th 2011

Hello again everyone! Today I find myself back in Port Vila in the hospitality of good friends and familiar faces. Project MARC's 2011 season will officially kick off in a couple weeks, but Dr. Hilbert and I are here early for prep and planning of our August expedition. Keep up with us here for further updates on our progress with the expeditions or follow us on Twitter for blurbs from the bush! Thanks for the support and for keeping interested in Vanuatu! ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila August 26th 2010

26thAug Our flight back to Vila was at 11am so we had a few hours to wait, so we walked along the shoreline and waited for an internet café to open. The flight was ok and we were soon back in Vila. We caught the mini-bus to Villa Hibiscus and booked in to our room. It was very clean but unfortunately above a little shop which made it very noisy at night as every man and his dog came in to buy phone top ups every 2 seconds. 27th Aug We had muslie and fruit for breakfast bought from the market from the day before. Phil was not feeling too good so we slowly walked to the Nambawan Café for our internet and coffee fix. We then caught the bus up to the car rental place ... read more
Hire car
Chinese official
Bluewater Resort

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila May 22nd 2010

Back in Efate again - at least this time it is not raining - WOW it looks so much nicer. As usual we had nothing booked on arriving at airport, after trying one place (too expensive) we ened up at the Nirvana. Great place but empty - as usual we were the only guests. This place had a coral beach, although the same issue of only being able to swim at high tide. We worked out the last day would be great as the tide would be high around 10am, it was really not warm enough to swim prior to that. On our way to this resort we went past a Surf shop - and yes they DO surf. I had never heard of surfing in Vanuatu - but then I had not heard anything much ... read more
Friendly local
Blue Hole
Nirvana Bungalows

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila May 10th 2010

When we landed at Vila airport, the weather was overcast but on entering the terminal the atmosphere was great. There was a lively band playing - their music is very similar to black American kind of jazzy. It was warm, perfect t.shirt and shorts weather. Luckily we had booked a couple of nights to start as the islands are not at all like asia and it would be quite hard to wander around and find somewhere. We jumped in a taxi as we had not worked out the buses - shame it would have been much much cheaper and more interesting. The buses in PV are everywhere all the time, you just hail them and they take you to your door. It can be a great way to see the backstreets and get familiar with the ... read more
Blue Pango view
Blue Pango view
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Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 6th 2010

While most people are familiar with Tahiti, not so many have been to some of the more remote South Pacific islands. Although on the surface most of these islands look the same—palm trees, sand and verdant mountains--they are in fact very different both culturally and economically. So as we hopscotch across the Pacific we get to experience Polynesian, Melanesian, French, English and Indian lifestyles and influences. Our first port was supposed to be Samoa. However, en route we encountered the tail end of a cyclone and had to cancel that call. We had been looking forward to visiting the fabled Aggie Grey’s hotel and also to check out the effects of the recent tsunami. The tsunami struck without warning in September and caused tremendous damage and loss of life. I’m sure an infusion of tourist dollars ... read more

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