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August 17th 2011
Published: August 17th 2011
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So today I touched down in Vanuatu (17th Aug) it's some time in the evening here... must remember to change time on my phone. I feel like i've been travelling for years. It was so good to finally have a shower and brush my teeth after finally putting my bags down.

Flight from London to Dubai went fine. Dubai to Brisbane was fine, I just didn't remember how long it took.. it went on forever.. was at least 12 hours flying.. the good thing was that it wasn't fully booked and i managed to secure 3 seats to myself next to a window... so yeah I was able to lie down and get a fair amount of sleep.

Might go off on a rant now but I hate Australian customs, it's the most fuss in the world i've ever experienced. Arriving at the airport I had filled in their little sheet saying I had no guns, no cigarettes and all.. handed it in, get a little interrogation like what are your plans, where are you staying.. i told him.. got through the gate bit. After that there's like a line of security staff, one asks me more questions of what i'm doing etc.. she eventually leaves me alone, then i start walking again, and i get stopped again by another woman asking if i had any liquids, it's like no, i've just been through 5 god dam security checks, they must feel its some sort of competition. I had to collect my baggage and then check in again for my flight to Port Vila, which meant MORE security checks, MORE filling in forms, I have about 4 australian stamps in my passport now, its just ridiculous, their security is more that the US and UKs together.. it's just making everyone tiresome and fed up.

Anyway,Vanuatu is like jurassic park country, it's pretty magnificent, rainforest country and the like. The roads have pot hole craters which you really feel when you hit one, the cars are all over the road trying to dodge them which just increases the risk of a crash, so yeah lets just say their road safety is pretty sub standard to say the least!

I got collected by two members of the geohazard department, they held a piece of paper with my name on it, ahh it was so funny! Never before have I ever had that. The two girls don't speak the best english!it's either French or English here i've discovered..
They took me to my hotel and then told me to come back to the truck so they'd show me the department, geez i was so tired (still am) i literally put my bags down, refreshed myself and went back out and jumped in the truck again. Their department is really something when you look at how undeveloped the country is, i wasn't expecting anything like it, but it really it quite substantial with all areas of geohazards with their own departments. For "the happiest nation" on earth, I wasn't really feelin it. I don't know, maybe because its the city, people are stressed out, not getting paid as much as they should (which i presume is definitely the case in the geohazards department) or maybe it was they didn't understand the english so well, nevermind I met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, forgot names. I'll be there again tomorrow morning early! there's a lot of information to get in so i'm gunna hit the hay early!

Oh and before i forget i feel i should say show the receptionist literally has a full on beard, moustache and sideburns.. i dno what she's playing at but i'm not feeling it.


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