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August 14th 2011
Published: August 14th 2011
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After much panicking I am now relaxed as I found out last night my accommodation and lift from the airport has all been sorted for me! wow! soso lucky. Apparently they've put me up at the place most of the geologists/volcanologists stay at whilst visiting the meteorological department - so I feel the part! haha.

I met with my mothers colleague last night who is ni-vanuatu (a native of vanuatu), he's a consultant of acute medicine, so a very intelligent guy! But also very friendly, my mother and I both agreed there are not many people we have met in the world like him. Very warming to talk on and so fourth. I guess this is why Vanuatu was voted the happiest place on earth many times. Just from talking with him excited me further more in anticipation to visit Vanuatu! Learning basic things like how people interact in a joke an so on, it's really got me looking forward to the experience of the culture as well as the geological nature of my visit! lets not forget the whole reason I am going here is to do my dissertation!..

Just got the final bits of packing to do now. I am going to pack some old t-shirts, pencils, pens and paper for when I go to Tanna and meet with a local village, i'm sure they'll appreciate them more then the bottom of my drawers. So hopefully regain some karma.

Still doesn't feel real yet, I think only when I'm sitting in terminal 3 at heathrow the whole travel feeling is going to spark up. Can't wait. Not for the copious amounts of travelling to do though.. it's going to be about 28 hours at least of travelling in total due to stops in Dubai, Singapore and then changing at Brisbane for Vanuatu.


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