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August 4th 2011
Published: August 4th 2011
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So this is my first blog, and hopefully not the last!
The main reason I've decided on creating this blog is so when I grow old, I can look back on this amazing experience and hopefully live it over in my future frail brain, because I know this amazingly ridiculous opportunity won't come round again (thanks so much mum!). It also gives me something to keep me occupied. In addition to that I can share my day to day experiences for when I am abroad with family and friends.
I once tried writing a travel diary once, but after a few days I just didn't keep at it. I think the generation now being the 'computer' or 'internet' generation, I am much more adapt to this (as sad as that sounds). I know that I will look at this in the future and probably cringe at a lot of the things I say, but for now I'm going all out..

So the plan is as follows; I depart late on the 15th August from Heathrow and onto Brisbane where I will be stopping at Dubai and Singapore on the way for refuelling. I've been to Dubai airport before en route to New Zealand.. which looks like a palace, gold plated this and that, so and so on with marble everywhere. So I'm interested to see what Singapore's airport looks like, apparently they are strict on littering and if they catch you spitting chewing gum out you've had it.. look forward to that, not that I'm the littering type being a geographer 'n' all..

Eventually arriving in Brisbane on the 17th August at 0640 where I'm guessing I will be very jet lagged. I wish that was the end of it all but to get to Vanuatu I then need to catch a plane at Brisbane airport for 1035, then I will be arriving into Port Vila at 1410 local time.
I don't have accommodation or whatever sorted out yet, I'm hoping my contact out there will sort me out with something soon! The last thing I want to be doing when extremely jet lagged is going in and out of hostels comparing prices.

The day after that (18/08/2011) my contact; Ms Esline Bule (the manager of the Vanuatu Geo-hazard Department) has scheduled a meeting with the tourism board of Vanuatu and other important people to discuss my investigation and for me to form contacts. I'm both nervous and excited for this meeting! Vanuatu has been voted the happiest place on earth twice so I suppose I have nothing to be afraid of..

So that is the plan so far, soon after arrival in Port Vila I will be off to Tanna to begin my investigation, which is south of the capital 1 hour by flight, I can't begin to imagine what the view is going to be like from up there, amazing of course! Many pictures to come I imagine.


till I'm leaving!


6th August 2011

Have a fabulous time!
Your opportunity sounds amazing! I love how you will document this trip for your future "frail" mind! LOL

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