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Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila July 29th 2006

In July 2006, we decided to take a diving holiday - me, Jamie, my sister Kirsty and his brother Ben. At first we were torn between Tonga and Vanuatu, but Vanuatu was a bit cheaper, and so that prevailed! Tonga next time! We were booked on a direct flight from Auckland to Vila, but at the last minute there was a change of plans. Our flight now stopped in Brisbane for 6 hours! Normally this would be a giant pain in the backside, but as our mum lived near Brisbane, it was the perfect chance for a reunion! We spent a couple hours in Brisbane, had a few drinks at the casino and then headed back to the airport. The funny thing we've noticed with the pacific islands is that no matter what time you leave, ... read more
Jamie snorkelling
Having a cup of tea on one of the wrecks

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila July 22nd 2006

In exactly 2 mos I'll be flying down under. I'm feeling completely out of control at the moment. I have my next two years to get ready for. I think I'm driving everyone crazy with my moods and neediness. Keeping me in good spirits are the couple of volunteers I've been emailing with. They have been there going on 3 yrs and leaving shortly after I arrive. At least I will be greeted by friendly faces. The best news came when one of the volunteer's told me his dog just had pups and apparently he's giving me one! I want to name him Jack after Jack Kerouac. He'll be my little beatnik traveling pup. And I've heard another volunteer's cat is pregnant. Hopefully I will be able to get one, but cats are high in demand. ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 16th 2006

With heavy hearts, we awoke early and made our way to the main jetty for our airport transfer. We stared glumly out of the window as the bus made its way to the airport - neither of us wanted to leave. It felt like we'd been here a lot longer than a week and this place had definitely touched our hearts. The people - so friendly and quick to smile, the surroundings - so lush and green, the waters - so clear and filled with beautiful creatures. This place really felt like home. Before we'd even landed back home in Brisbane, we were already talking about the next trip and what we want to do... and joking about maybe moving to Vanuatu for a 3 month working holiday sometime :P maybe we will... who knows??... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 14th 2006

The first day of the cruise ship arrivals... our mission? get as far away from them as possible!! After almost a week here in Vanuatu, we were both feeling quite an affinity for the people, culture, and the fishies. We were sure the arrival of over a thousand cruise ship patrons was going to ruin this peaceful, friendly township. We were of course, quite right, but more will be said later. Our task was to get ourselves away from the well-trodden main street, and its well paraded tourist area. We accomplished this by hiring a scooter, of the style anyone who has been to Thailand knows a lot about. Scott went to sort this out, while Kate headed off to the markets for a few last minute items. Kate ran into Estella (see yesterday's blog), ... read more
Monument opposite the Reserve Bank
Our fearless driver
Port Vila

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 12th 2006

On day three, we woke up around 5am (without the help of any alarms) and decided that rather than going back to sleep, it would be nice to sit out on the deck and watch the sun rise. The fare came with a complimentary mini bottle of Moet and Chandon and no sunrise is complete without champagne (of course) so we grabbed our dressing robes (just to complete the picture) and champagne glasses and headed out onto the deck. Such extravagance... and a beautiful start to yet another day in paradise - watching the sun rise and the fish slowly gather in the waters below our fare. We were booked in for the 10am Mele Cascades tour with Evergreen so at a quarter to 10, we headed over to the mainland and waited to be picked ... read more
Complimentary Bubbles
Champagne Sunrise
The early bird

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 11th 2006

In the morning, we arose late then ambled into the restaurant for our daily buffet breakfast. We have to say that the breakfast at Iririki Island Resort is absolutely DIVINE! Every day they have a selection of cereals (including bircher muesli with yoghurt), both fresh and preserved fruit, a couple of different types of bread as well as a fruit loaf and pastries (mm... chocolate croissants and these yummy custardy type pastries with sultanas in them), and a variety of hot foods (they usually offered two of the following in the heated containers: bacon, spiced sausages, potatoes, quiche, scrambled eggs with tomato and onion) with a chef on hand to cook your eggs to your liking (fried, scrambled, omelette - you name it, he cooks it!). The fruit over here is unbelievably good. Pawpaw/papaya (the yellow ... read more
View from the Breakfast Table 02
View from the Breakfast Table 03
How does this thing work again?

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila February 10th 2006

We arrived in Vanuatu on a steamy grey day. Kate had never been to a 2nd world country before so it was interesting to see the differences in just the airport to begin with. The Port Vila International Airport looked more like what one (well, one from places such as Australia and America) would expect of a rural airport than an international airport in a capital city. Our plane was the only one in sight and it was hard at first to spot where we were supposed to enter the terminal. There are no air bridges here, everyone embarks onto the tarmac and makes their own way to the terminal (which is only a short distance away). The first thing you notice is the humidity!! We may be from Brisbane, but this was as if we ... read more
First Glimpses of Port Vila
Ahhh... Iririki Island....
Water taxi

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila December 14th 2000

I have woken up late today. I have no urge to do anything today, my last in Vanuatu. My plans are eat, change money and watch the sunset. I just want to be at home. I'm tired of being on the road. I'm saddened that I have finished my Australian adventure, but girl or no girl I'm not sure I'd want to go back in February, which has been a recent idea of mine. Reasons for this include the reversed seasons, the necessary job and housing search, and the simple fact that Australia is still very far away. If I do go back to Australia I think that I would like to live and work in Sydney this time. I also do like the idea of England, moving to London, and working there for a while ... read more
Goodbye Vanuatu

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila December 13th 2000

It is finally time to leave Santo, but I feel like I am ready to move on. I just had my last meal at the Natangura Cafe. It's been cool hanging out with a buddy from back home after all that time on the road. This next week I'll be back to being on my own. It will be interesting to see if I find it to be refreshing or not. Anyway, it's a beautiful morning here in town and I really can say that I have become familiar with it. Even though it sounds strange, I feel like part of the community after only 2 1/2 weeks here. Now it’s off to the airport to go to Port Vila. I'm going to ride in the back of the pick-up truck and watch the town recede ... read more
Sun over the South Seas

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