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Oceania » Papua New Guinea January 1st 2019

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Port MOresby, one of the most exotic Capitals you will see encounter in Papua New Guinea? Why? They have tours that otherwise you can't find in the internet(thoguh they may be pricy) as well as they have something for everyone to do while traveling this tropical exotic Oceanic Paradise. Solomon Islands would be the most preferred destination that I would every to recommend. You get the opportunity to see how people live as well as the opportunity to see what GUam has to offer. People are not as fortunate in PNG as compare to those who live in US that have a job, best air quality, higher level of education,etc. The Tribes in PNG may be scary because they dont' understand your native language and they way they look are both funny and scary. Having an ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Eastern Highlands September 17th 2018

It is a slow five hour drive from Mount Hagen to Goroka, on a poor road. Twice we were stopped at Police checkpoints. These are strange affairs to the westerner’s eye. The barrier is not raised until we have all chatted with the policeman, and the driver has paid a small bribe. When we arrive in Goroka, the weather has worsened and the surrounding mountains are invisible in swirling mist. It is hard to describe the Goroka Show, the pictures tell the story. Around 100 tribal sing-sing groups come together every year in this mountain town over the Independence Day weekend. On the morning of the first day, we spotted sing-sing groups in traditional dress on street corners - putting on body paint, arranging headdresses, practicing dance moves. But nothing could prepare us for the event ... read more
Penis gourds
Sing-sing dancer
Nice nose jewellery

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Western Highlands September 14th 2018

Papua New Guinea is challenging us but it is a rewarding place. Our first morning is spent on the Rondon ridge spotting Birds of Paradise. The male birds have ridiculously long tails of over a metre. They look all the more unreal as the swirling morning mist moves across this jungle covered mountain slope. Spotting the birds is not easy, dark against a bright sky and the jungle foliage of the canopy provides ample cover. But as it gets brighter we see more and more birds, feeding and calling around us. We even see occasional flashes of iridescent blue feathers, displayed fully only in the birds’ courtship dances. The 4 am start and the steep muddy climb to the ridge were worth it. Organising getting to PNG was complex but Pym and his small local tour ... read more
Skeleton men
Face painting
Shell necklaces

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul August 11th 2018

Saturday Rabaul We set a 6am alarm and went out on deck 6 and up the staircase one level to go to the bow of the ship. Sailing into Simpson harbour it was easy to spot the volcanic peaks that have done so much damage to Rabaul over the years and most notably in 1994. Mount Tavurvur is active still, puffs of smoke and steam visible against the early morning clouds. Rabaul is located on PNG's north-eastern tip in the New Britain province, where coincidentally the bride price is negotiated in shell money and it is a matriarchal society. The port area is all that really remains following the last volcanic eruption which saw a triple action of three peaks erupting covering the town in ash. No lives were lost this time compared to 1937 when ... read more
Volcanic harbour- Mt Tavurvur smoking
Japanese barge tunnels
Rabaul tour guide Anna

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay August 10th 2018

Friday Laundry day Anchoring and tender noises were slightly less this morning enabling a 7-30am sleep in. Today we are visiting Kiriwina Island which is the largest of the Trobiand island group in the Milne Bay Province. 290 km square with most of the 12,000 Trobriand island people living on this island. People have breakfasted early and the tenders are away again, but we shall do what we did yesterday and wait until free tender time. So what else should I do to fill in time but do washing of course. Pacific Eden has a public laundrette on decks 5, 6, and 9 with 3x $1 coins for a wash and same again for a dry. Washing powder is dispensed free and automatically with the commencement of the wash cycle. 28 mins of sitting in the ... read more
Dancing school boys
Local gardens
Local village

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay August 9th 2018

Thursday Conflict islands. Being so far forward in the boat any action that occurs happens next to our cabin, so 6-30am I was awake listening to the action of tenders being prepared for transfer of passengers to the island as well as the ship being held in place by the thrusters rather than an anchor. The Conflict Islands are a coral atoll 152kms off the tip of mainland PNG comprising 21 separate islands surrounded by a beautiful lagoon. Located 11 degrees off the equator they are mostly uninhabited, 30 people live on the island we visited today called Panasesa Island, small but with a massive air strip which was used in the 2nd World War in The Battle of The Coral Sea. A turtle hatchery is an important conservation aspect of this small island. These islands ... read more
Conflict Islands from deck 12
Weather side of islands
Airstrip, strategic WWII and still maintained

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Central April 30th 2018

Papua New Guinea: Sang ngay 4-9-2018 toi vao phi truong Cairns de di PNG bang hang khong cua PNG la Air Niugini. Khi toi check in ba supervisor cua Air Niugini hoi toi dad at khach san o PNG chua toi tra loi la chua. Ba toi noi ba ta la nguoi PNG , o xa thu do Moresby va thu do Moresby khong an toan . Ba ta noi se goi cho nhan vien o phi truong PNG don toi va giup do toi nhung gi toi can lam o PNG. Toi di du lich nhieu noi nhieu nuoc ma oi chua bao gio hang may bay lam viec nay . Toi thay hoi lo ngai nhung toi da co chuong trinh la khi toi den phi truong neu toi cam thay khong an toan ... read more

Port Moresby has a bad reputation. Papua New Guinea conjures images of steamy jungles, of verdant hillsides, of distant tribes with bones dangling from their noses. Its name seems to reach out and say: Come here if you want adventure! Come and see nature in the RAW! What is doesn’t usually conjure, at least to me, was violence and mayhem. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea’s edgy capital, is a place to avoid if the media is to be believed. Travel advisories warn of the extreme violence that can befall a visitor foolish enough to step off a plane there. The chance of being robbed is very high, they say. The chance of meeting a bad guy is almost probable. The chance of being hacked and thrown into a cockroach infested pit something to consider. The main ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea February 9th 2018

Heey peeps, I am sorry that i have not posted anything in 1,5 months. Papua New Guinea and internet don't really go together. but i have got some stories to tell. The good and the bad. First the good. In the first two weeks me and my team went to a village in the province of Milne Bay. We gave there a mini dts. We teached students and staff a like topics of our own dts. It is insane how God changed that village. People went from believing in Jesus to knowing him. Lives were completely changed. Many people got healed and gave their live's to Jesus, it was insane. We danced with the kids every night and gave devotions. My favorite part of it all was standing in front of a large crowd and preach. ... read more

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