Papua New Guinea

Published: October 15th 2018
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Port MOresby, one of the most exotic Capitals you will see encounter in Papua New Guinea? Why? They have tours that otherwise you can't find in the internet(thoguh they may be pricy) as well as they have something for everyone to do while traveling this tropical exotic Oceanic Paradise. Solomon Islands would be the most preferred destination that I would every to recommend. You get the opportunity to see how people live as well as the opportunity to see what GUam has to offer.

People are not as fortunate in PNG as compare to those who live in US that have a job, best air quality, higher level of education,etc. The Tribes in PNG may be scary because they dont' understand your native language and they way they look are both funny and scary. Having an arrow pierced through your nose can hurt. Imagine having that on your nose that.s crazy

Always be careful when traveling to Papua New Guinea since they can hijack nor pinpocket your aterials in your packets like any other country in Europe that would.

Check Out Museum of PNG as well as check out the Botanic Zoo. ALso, check out the beaches PNG has to offer.


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