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Why PNG? Since I got my job at Ericsson as a Network Engineer I was promised there would be lots and lots of travel. After sitting on my behind for a year, and seeing all of my colleagues jet-setting all around the globe, my number came up. I'd been bugging my manager for an assignment for so long, that when the prospect of PNG came up, I couldn't say no. -Yes, the Australian government has issued a warning when travelling to PNG due to high crime rates (muggings, high profile kidnappings, and recently 12 prisoners escaped from a maximum security prison!). -Yes, there is a lot of malaria due to those pesky mosquitoes. -Yes, they force you to work long, long hours in PNG. One colleague had to work 15 hours EVERYDAY when he was here. ... read more

Hey Everyone, I realized that is has been a while since I last updated my pictures. So here are the pics from my Team in Port Moresbey. I had the chance to go on an A-team. Which basically is an onshore team for the duration of the port. My past A-team was in Cambodia over a year ago. Anyways We went to the port moresby City mission. The mission takes in street kids and people of low education. They train them on a farm to work as well as giving them some basic education. There are were 120 "boys " there who lived on the farm. So we lived among them for 18 days and basically just were there sharing and encouraging them. We did programs and creative misistry training. We also worked with them in ... read more
The house
The Church
The Farm

Today the singles in the missionary group went out to tour the Hope School here in Port Moresby. It was really eye opening to see the level and standards for education here in this country. The Hope School is actually what we would consider an alternative school or last chance school. Kids who are orphans or extremely impoverished and can not afford to send their kids to school are able to be apart of this school. They get the kids caught up and up to speed and then try to get them placed into a public school. We got to go and meet the student that we sponsored. He was a little shy, and thee was a lot of attention at the moment. But it was cool to meet him face to face. (Yes Julie we ... read more

Hello Everyone, We are having a great time with all the disciples here in Moresby. Truly, it has been an inspiring time visiting with the disciples in Gumine and in Moresby. It has been extremely hot and I believe we all have lost a few pounds due to hard work and the heat. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we look forward to our return on May 2nd. Love Shann P.... read more

Hi everyone! We have had a very encouraging trip thus far. I am very proud of the missionaries here. They have done such an outstanding job serving and loving the people here in PNG. They have gone to the Highlands and traversed dangerous roads on foot and in vehicles and they have come to the capitol preaching, teaching and loving the church in so many ways. Bel bilong mi i kirap long taim mi lukim olgeta gutpela samting ol i bin wokim. Mi kalap na hamamas na givim tenkyu i go long papa God long mekim dispela gutpela samting i kamap fit na stret olgeta. Love Brian P.... read more

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