Port Moresby A-team

Published: May 27th 2008
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City Mission A-teamCity Mission A-teamCity Mission A-team

Just our team poster. We were 5 from 5 diffrent countrys. It was a nice experience to really get to know these people well for a 2 week period.
Hey Everyone, I realized that is has been a while since I last updated my pictures. So here are the pics from my Team in Port Moresbey. I had the chance to go on an A-team. Which basically is an onshore team for the duration of the port. My past A-team was in Cambodia over a year ago. Anyways We went to the port moresby City mission. The mission takes in street kids and people of low education. They train them on a farm to work as well as giving them some basic education. There are were 120 "boys " there who lived on the farm. So we lived among them for 18 days and basically just were there sharing and encouraging them. We did programs and creative misistry training. We also worked with them in the garden, sowing seeds and other things. I worked in the work shop with some of the boys doing some maintnace on a truck and what not. It was an amazing time, I did not what to leave because the guys there are so cool. I was really challanged as well as streched, I think they blessed me more then we bless them so It
The houseThe houseThe house

This is the place we stayed in. We were on the bottom right and above was the pastor. It was nice because near the end of the week, our house became the "place to be " Boys would drop by all hours and just want to hang out and pray, play cards etc. It was great. I really enjoyed it because they were so friendly and open to share with us. Most of them have had hard past and even though they would still share
was nice. Anyways enjoy the pics !
God Bless

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The ChurchThe Church
The Church

This is a pic of the church that was on the farm. The boys life style is almost the same as ours here on the ship. They had daily devotions and prayer nights and other activitys. So this church basically became our home away from home away from home....
The FarmThe Farm
The Farm

This is a pic from up where the church would be looking down at the farm. The farm had a varity of plants and veggies. There is also some animals, rabbits and ducks and chickens. They raise the animals and then sell them to local markets or hotels. So I learned alot about farming and porducing animals. I was there when a Mother rabbit gave birth ! It was quite the eperience
The work shopThe work shop
The work shop

Aside from the farm, there was a work shop, We also worked on replacing the rotten wood work on the bottom of the truck. The intersting thing is that the power is so unreliable in PNG that we had all manual tools because there was not power more then 1/2 the time. Notice the manual Drill.......
Working hardWorking hard
Working hard

Still working on getting the bed of the truck replaced. My friend Kingsford is an amazing guy, he really is experienced in the things he does. Really taught me alot. Man I miss those guys...
Our transportOur transport
Our transport

This is a normal way to get around in PNG, grab a truck and load it with as many people as can fit in. I think this truck they had maybe 30-40 guys it in, on our way to a local event.
I-night Group PicsI-night Group Pics
I-night Group Pics

We went to our international night, and it was somthing that I don't usually do. I attended as a veiwer not a worker. I attened with the gang and enjoyed it with them. It was great. They really enjoyed it and some of them were really challanged.
A rainy dayA rainy day
A rainy day

This is an intersting pic because they guys were so helpful, it was raining like crazy and so one of the guys went out and grabed the table unbrella, for us to use, I think we could fit 6 or 7 people under the thing. Really good idea. Quite fun
After the rainAfter the rain
After the rain

The rain came down and down, after we went our and the raod was flooded. It happens quite a bit aparently.
Me and the gangMe and the gang
Me and the gang

A nice group photo, the guys were so amazing, giving us shirts and other nice things. I look like a total Person from PNG, i fit right it. Ha

28th May 2008

Cool Hat
Are you bringing it home?
6th January 2009

Human Trafficking
Hi, I am an mk that was born and raised in PNG. I am currently researching to find contacts in Papua New Guinea that are Christ centered and are actively caring for children rescued from Human Trafficking. Do you have any information regarding this? God Bless. Stephanie Q.
19th April 2009

Hey hows it going ? Sorry it has taken so long to respond, I am back home now after my work out in the field and Have not checked my page in a long time, I hope that this is still relivant, but I think you can contact OM PNG for some more info about the work that they do and maybe somthing will fit in with you plans. check out this web page for more info http://www.om.org/where-we-work/papua-new-guinea.html great thanks take care and GOD BLESS

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