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April 25th 2008
Published: April 25th 2008
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City of AlotauCity of AlotauCity of Alotau

This is just a pic of the city or town as we were arriving. Its quite cool because there are somthing like 20 thousand people living in this place and it is kind of hidden in the trees.
Well greetings from Alotau. This port was only 6 days long and so I desided that i would take the opertunity to take a few break days during this port. So we had 3 break days and 3 of my good friends and I went to a local resort for the days. It was so nice because when i was arranging this accomedation and what not, I was writting back and forth between the resort and me. I first mentioned to the lady about the doulos and the work we do. She replyed back to me and told me that of course everyone has heard of the Doulos and she was on it back in 1988 or somthing. Anyways she knew how we were missionarys and so she gave us a really amazing deal on this beach bunglow unit for the 4 of us. So God is Good what else can I say. Ya just a few pics of our break days !
God Bless

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Local DanceLocal Dance
Local Dance

This is a pic as we were arriving of the local school preforming a local dance for us as the ship came in. It was great because along with singing and dancing as the local committee also prepared lunch for us during some preformances. Again I cannot express how much i enjoy the people and this country. Its great
Local shoppingLocal shopping
Local shopping

As you can see this is the local supermarket. This would be the same as say a walmart kind of thing where everything you need would be found inside this supermarket, food clothes etc. this was one of 2 in the city.
Two friends.Two friends.
Two friends.

At the resort we were staying at the resturant was an open air kind of thing. So there were animals coming and going all the time. This was one bird that few in and came and sat at the bar usually around the same time of day. My friend there tryed to pick it up but it did not want to climb on his arm and so ya. BUt quite cool because birds would just fly in and out and come and join the people at the bar.
Good timesGood times
Good times

Since we were usually the only ones around the place during the day we ended up playing board games and just sitting and relaxing around the table. We played risk quite a bit. I tell you playing risk with an international group sure puts and intersting spin on things because proitys arer diffrent. Ie I would try to go for north america but that would not be the case of the guy from mongolia. Fun times !
our resting placeour resting place
our resting place

This is a pic of our beach bungalow. It was quite nice. We had a nice deck on the front on which we could relax and enjoy eachother company. The placec was not actually on the beach, it was about 100m away or so but close enough.

25th April 2008

hey ben glad you could have some time off... those times are really needed! nice pics

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