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April 22nd 2008
Published: April 22nd 2008
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Well hello all hows it going ? Well time flys when your having fun I guess. Our time in PNG has been really amazing. The people here are so awsome I love it. Well what can I say about Kavieng. So far this is the most beautiful place i have been. The Beaches are white with clear seas. I have had the chance to take a 1 hour boat ride to get to the church I was attending one morning and so we ended up at a small village on an island somwhere. It was great. Anyways hope you enjoy the pics !!
God Bless YOU

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Church Church

This is a pic of one of the churches I went to visit one sunday. It was not far from the ship but we had a good time. The church was great because after we ate together and had a good time with the people. Some of the kids also played vollyball but I did not play because it was scorching hot and ya playing sports in the heat is not so cool....
My church team My church team
My church team

This is a pic of the team and the church members. This church was actually only 8 months old and it was very nice inside. The church though has been going though some issues with splitting and what not so we came and encouraged them with a message on unity !!
Church team away ...Church team away ...
Church team away ...

This is a pic of our ride to the church we were going to. The pastor came to pic us up with his boat and we went for a 1 hour boat ride to get to his church. It was great. I was suprised to hear that it was so far way. When arrived to the village a bunch of locals came running out of the bush with spears and nothing but a grass skits on... yelling and screaming somthing. Aparently The like to re-anact when the fist missionarys came to the county.
Village church Village church
Village church

This is the church we went to visit that one day. It was a small united church. we arrived and we were not sure what time the service would start because the pastor mentioned somthing about waiting for the people to come down out of the mountains before the service started. So we waited and eventually people started showing up. It was ok though because by this time I have already gotten in the culture and we just waited and it was fine !
The VillageThe Village
The Village

This is part of the village that we were in. There were about i dunno 100 or so people living in the village and more in the surrounding area. So it was quite small and quite place. But again the people are amazing, welcoming us and wanting to talk. It was great
Blessings from the church Blessings from the church
Blessings from the church

This is a pic of the childrens choir that sang for us after the serive. They wanted to bless us with some fresh fruit and veggies, plus a song. So there in front was the area where the people would come and put their fruites and veggies while they were singing !!
Small villageSmall village
Small village

As we traveled with the boat to the pastors village we also passed a few other small villages on the way. This is just a pic of someones house along the way !
Party timeParty time
Party time

This is a pic of the farwell party that the local churchs organized for us. Man I tell you that was amazing. They had a big program and food. They invited the whole ship ( all 350 of us ) to come to the local park and enjoy the food and fellowship. All the local churchs cooked diffrent things and came together for this one farwell party. Amazing time. I could not express it in words, all I could do was say thankyou so much to the people I met and knew.
Farwell KaviengFarwell Kavieng
Farwell Kavieng

This is a pic of all the people that came to wave us goodbye as we left the port. The pier was full of people waving and crying and singing and all sorts of things. It was actually really sad because I did really enjoy the time in Kavieng.

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