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Oceania » Palau » Babeldaob November 13th 2014

Most people spend their lives looking for a place where they can spot the perfect sunset. I can personally say that I have found mine. I didn't have to walk far from my childhood home. It has always been there but is has taken me 23 years to finally appreciate it. I didn't start missing the sunset until I moved to Hawaii to attend university. I settled on the east side of the Island and in the 4 years that I stayed there I only saw the sun set over the horizon twice. Now I am back home and nothing is more satisfying than watching the sun sizzle into the majestic Pacific Ocean.... read more

Oceania » Palau » Koror March 27th 2014

The Republic of Palau is one of the smallest countries in the world and boasts some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean. There are roughly 28,000 citizens spread out over 250 islands. Only 391 residents live in the capitol city, Ngerulmud, due to its remote location. Palau is in a special relationship with the United States and its people have dual citizenship. We were surprised to see a U.S. Post Office here. Several years ago Palau accepted six prisoners from Guantanamo in exchange for economic assistance from America. Tourism is the main source of income in this tiny republic and especially dive tourism. We went into the town of Koror and noticed many Japanese and Asian restaurants. Although English is the official language, most people speak a local patois. We were able ... read more

Oceania » Palau February 20th 2012

It’s spring 2010. Expo Shanghai is crowded and hot. Kirsten and I venture into the South Pacific pavilion to escape the crowds and get a taste of island life. Numerous little grass huts are scattered in an air conditioned arena. Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu, Guam,....and Palau?? Hmmm, what is this place, Palau? Pictures of swimming with jellyfish and beautiful azure waters tweak my curiosity. Flash forward to fall, 2011. Matt and I are seeking a warm February getaway. That jellyfish picture calls out from my memory. And now the discovery begins! Every twist and turn throughout our journey reveals to us a place of surprising ease of travel, familiarity, and yet exotic pleasures. First it’s location: a mere 5 hour direct flight SE of Seoul AND using frequent flier miles, free for Matt! Widespread use of English ... read more
Our beachfront cottage
North Beach Cottages beach
Matt's Tahitian beauty

Oceania » Palau » Koror March 11th 2011

17:30 we are at the Palm Bay Bistro – a worried waitress – there had been an earth quake in Japan. We order our dinner. Next time she passes by: there is a tsunami coming at 18:30. They turn their TV to a local channel. There is a Tsunami warning – all Palauan on coastal areas are to go to higher grounds. And it is a bit later - at 19:25 that it is coming. We had arrived back an hour ago from Carp island – an isolated island 1 hour away by speed boat. Thinking if we would have had the information if we had strayed there today. The staff are obviously nervous. The restaurant is right at the harbor with the serving area over the water. We quickly finish our dinner and halfway run ... read more
On an isolated island off Carp
Speed boat from Carp to Koror
Dive till you die - licence plate

Oceania » Palau » Peleliu March 10th 2011

The place of some of the fieriest battles of WWII pacific theatre – from Sept.-Nov.1944. The 10.000 Japanese defenders dug into the ridges and applied heavy casualties to the Americans. Episode 5-7 of the Pacific (Stephen Spielberg) is about the landing on Orange Beach, the fight for the airstrip and the long struggle to dig out the Japanese from the Bloody Nose Ridge. We had not really booked anything from Koror, thinking that since Peleliu was just across the channel, it would be easy to arrange from Carp. Writing with Amy, the organizer in Koror before coming, had said so. So I talked to Diana the night before, and she arranged a boatman to make the transfer, and she would do the land tour. The price was 2x30$ for the boat and 2x40$ for the tour. ... read more
Japanese HQ
Japanese gun
Orange Beach

Oceania » Palau » Koror March 7th 2011

Expectations were high for today – visiting one of the world’s wonders – the Jellyfish Lake – only found this one place in the World, a small lake in the rock islands of Palau. It was partly cloudy. We were picked up by a bus with Japanese and at the IMPAC office there were even more. Hmm. All equipment were included, and we supplied our stock. People were divided out in boats, by the activity they were going to. Our boat included Win as our guide and another Japanese guide for the 14 other. No problem. The boat slowly left the harbor and powered up the two big motors. The rock islands were right around you – lime stone rock with jungle, as small drops in the ocean. Similar to Halong bay in Vietnam? Passing a ... read more
Natural Arch - Palau Rock islands
Jellyfish lake, Palau
Corals, Rock Islands, Palau

Oceania » Palau » Koror December 10th 2010

Every once in a while something comes along so good it just completely blows your socks off. As a youngster, full of the joys of spring, this sort of thing happens all the time: Sparklers, Scalextrix, Star-Wars, and Special Brew spring to mind, hopefully roughly in that order. As time slides by, though the spacing of these superlatives starts to stretch, and it becomes significantly harder to find the next Best Thing since Sliced Bread, new attractions plowing a steady downward path from the perfect to the paltry to the downright pathetic: Pop Tarts, Pay TV, Paris Hilton and Pension Plans, until ultimately your biggest thrill is a poke up the posterior at your annual prostate check. So it was with a certain sense of skepticism that I booked a trip to the paradise of Palau. ... read more
Anenomefish Prefer Blondes
Survivor Island: Snakes Alive!
The Nautilus Club Descends the Blue Hole

Oceania » Palau » Babeldaob April 11th 2010

mit dem gouverneur waren wir innerhalb von 1h in koror, wir checkten wieder im gleichen hotel ein und machten uns einen gemütlichen tag im hotel und am strand. leider war das wetter diesmal typisch für palau, zuerst scheinte die sonne und dann fing es zu regnen an. die kanutour für den nächsten tag, freitag, cancellten wir auch frühmorgens, da es schon am morgen total bewölkt war, da hätten wir keinen spaß gehabt beim schnorcheln, auch nicht bei dem glasklarem wasser. wir genossen den letzten tag zusammen und abends ging es dann auch schon zurück nach manila, wo wir diesmal im international youth hostel eincheckten (keine hp), da es nicht weit weg lag vom airport. sehr zu empfehlen, auch wenn man länger in manila bleiben möchte. tja, hier endet nun der offizielle teil der reise, der abschied ... read more

Oceania » Palau » Babeldaob April 11th 2010

wieder ein tag voller reisen sollte uns erwarten: es gings wieder mal morgens los, wo wir mit dem öffentlichen mini-van von donsol nach legazpi fuhren, um von dort nach manila zu fliegen. im bus kam mani drauf, dass er sein handy im zimmer vergessen hatte, nach einem telefonat mit dem resort würden wir mittags einen fahrer beim flughafen treffen, der uns das handy vorbeibringt, weil er sowieso einen transport hat - das nenn ich mal hilfsbereit!! mani zweifelte zwar, aber der typ kam wirklich und wollte noch nicht mal ein kleines dankeschön dafür haben, die menschen hier sind so unterschiedlich manchmal. in manila zocken sie dich ab, hier wollte er nicht mal 50 peso (nicht mal 1 euro) annehmen... unser flug startete wieder mal verspätet, wir haben uns gar nicht mehr gewundert, aber da der flug ... read more
elli beim milky way
der weisse gatsch

Oceania » Palau » Peleliu April 11th 2010

mit der fähre ging es am montag nach peleliu. vollbepackt hätte kein zusätzlicher passagier mehr platz gehabt, wir waren die einzigen ausländer und als der einheimische neben mir seinen rucksack öffnete und ein kleingewehr rauszog, war ich etwas beunruhigt für den rest der fahrt. nach 3h überfahrt kamen wir an und wir hatten schon im vorhinein die unterkünfte angerufen, wieviel eine übernachtung kostet bzw. ob etwas frei ist. das einzige resort mit tauchschule ist das dolphin bay resort, da kostet aber die übernachtung an die 80 dollar, pro person versteht sich. da ist aber alles inklusive, da es auf der insel keine bar oder kein resti gibt. da war uns trotzdem ein bisschen zu viel, wir wählten wenty´s sunset inn (keine website), kann ich aber nicht empfehlen. das guesthouse gehört einer alten dame, die uns etwas ... read more
der wald war fantastisch
so gutes essen, i wue mehr!!
japanische kriegszentrale

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