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Oceania » Palau » Koror December 10th 2010

Every once in a while something comes along so good it just completely blows your socks off. As a youngster, full of the joys of spring, this sort of thing happens all the time: Sparklers, Scalextrix, Star-Wars, and Special Brew spring to mind, hopefully roughly in that order. As time slides by, though the spacing of these superlatives starts to stretch, and it becomes significantly harder to find the next Best Thing since Sliced Bread, new attractions plowing a steady downward path from the perfect to the paltry to the downright pathetic: Pop Tarts, Pay TV, Paris Hilton and Pension Plans, until ultimately your biggest thrill is a poke up the posterior at your annual prostate check. So it was with a certain sense of skepticism that I booked a trip to the paradise of Palau. ... read more
Anenomefish Prefer Blondes
Survivor Island: Snakes Alive!
The Nautilus Club Descends the Blue Hole

Oceania » Palau » Koror November 21st 2009

Now I am contemplating whether or not to write this blog or not. I mean, do I tell you, do I not? I want to tell you about this beautiful, beautiful place but I don't want to wreck its cozy and lovable feel. I mean it's still a non-commercialized, non-super-touristy place, where the locals say hello to you as you pass by and cars stop to let you cross the street. It's so beautiful half of you readers have stopped reading my blog and have breezed through the photo's. Don't deny it! I don't blame you either though. Anyways, I'll tell you a bit about my Palau adventures but you have to promise me not to ruin it. I'm going back one day to check on it so don't think I won't notice if it has ... read more
Just a couple of fish
Fishing between dives

Oceania » Palau March 1st 2009

As I said before, the place is absolutely pristine. On our diving days we would stop at beautiful beaches for lunch. We've never seen so much gorgeous water in our lives. We rented a car with another couple from California and drove around Babeldoab to see some of the land based sites. The pics speak for themselves. ... read more
Carved "scary face"
GOR-GEE-US beach
Happiest person on the planet

Oceania » Palau » Koror February 21st 2009

Dear all, Back on land now so here are the Palau photos! Wendy xxx... read more
Me in Blue Hole
Grey Reef Shark

Oceania » Palau February 11th 2009

We dropped a giant number of clams to spend a week in Palau, 5 days diving and 2 days trooping around the tiny cluster of islands inhabited by a scant 20,000 people. This is the most gloriously beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. And we've been to some great places as ya'll know. Dive boats drive through a morse code of mushroom shaped islands surrounded by varying shades of startlingly clear blue water. In the shallower bays surrounding these Rock Islands the water looks like a swimming pool of filtered spring water, the sun flashing ripples of light on the white sandy bottom. As the water deepens it turns from invisible as air to Windex turquoise and then sapphire blue. The water is a cozy 86 degrees and most dives are into clear ... read more
batch of Barracudas
Big eyed red fish
Black flatworm with purple fringe

Oceania » Palau February 11th 2009

A glowing green salt water lake lies in the middle of one of the rock islands. Jellyfish from the ocean were trapped in it ages ago and without the normal sea predators evolved so that they no longer sting. They swim a few kilometers a day in a circuit around the lake, keeping in the sun to support their symbiotic algae. You can swim in the lake with them while they harmlessly pulse their way around you. It would be brilliant for someone to film them and sell the videos as stress relieving videos like those fish videos. It's mesmerizing and peaceful to watch them harmlessly pulse all around you. Our last dive in Palau was at a site called "Virgin Blue Hole" where we dove into an deep opening in the top of the reef ... read more
Moon jellyfish
peach jellyfish
Top view of a jellyfish

Oceania » Palau » Koror February 10th 2009

Dear all, Where to begin?? We arrived here in Palau in the early hours of the morning feeling sleepy but excited. We had finally arrived at one of our dream destinations!! Palau is a group of islands and we stayed in Koror as its a good jumping off point for all of the divesites. Next morning we were up early even though we had barely slept as we were eager to explore Palau. We wandered into Koror town and I was feeling a little was just a town, where was my amazing tropical island?? Next day we got on a dive boat and that was when I realised that you have to go out to sea to realise that the other parts of Palau are beautiful...totally beautiful and like nothing that I had ever seen ... read more

Oceania » Palau » Babeldaob September 27th 2008

My stopovers in Brisbane and Cairns, Australia, brought me back to a world that, over the past two months, I had almost forgotten existed: vast sprawling cities, flashing lights, people who do not say hello to each other when they pass in the street because there are simply too many of them, tour agencies advertising expensive “half and full-day rainforest treks”, the sort of meaningless experiences bought up by gap year students feeling the need to take a break from their year-long booze cruise around the world. Guam, an overseas territory of the USA, is also highly developed, although it has retained much of the laid-back atmosphere and physical beauty that is inevitable on a small, jungle-covered Pacific island with beautiful white sand beaches, transparent blue waters and a mountainous interior. My host in Guam was ... read more
A bai, Palau
Stone pathways, Palau
Waterfall, Palau

Oceania » Palau » Koror September 17th 2008

September 10, we spent one day in Manila, where we got the best massage ever, before we got on our plane to Palau, Micronesia. Palau is an island in the Pacific Ocean, 500 miles east from the Philippines and 2.000 miles south from Japan. Palau is not just known as the laziest country of the world, but it's also famous for scuba diving. some of you might know it from the TV show Survivor. We stayed a week on the island of Palau and at a place called DW Motel. We couldn't post this blog earlier, because we didn't had a proper internet connection. The first two days we spend scuba diving. All the dives we saw plenty of fish, sharks, turtles and beautiful coral. We were impressed by the diversity, definitely one of the best ... read more
Jelly Fish Lake
Rock Islands

Oceania » Palau » Koror June 20th 2008

Hopefully this will be my final enty for the Palau Blog... The day after our last dive in Palau we spent the day at the Palau Pacific Resort just snorkeling on the private reef there, which was fantastic, I spotted a moray eel, and searched again for the octopus we had spotted a couple of days previously. Grae had developed a very sore ear infection which wasent helped by the doctor stabbing him in the ear with the instrument meant to inspect the infection. It bled quite alot and Grae was in alot of pain so he absolutley couldn't get his ear wet, which was lucky that we had finished our diving but a shame that he couldn't snorkel anymore. So while I was snorkeling Grae hired a Kayak for a hour or so and pulled ... read more
Titan Trigger Fish
Surgeon Fish
Snorkeling at PPR

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