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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast January 31st 2009

Hi blog readers! I'm afraid I've been neglecting you in the last couple of weeks. So let's do a few excuses. First of all, the internet access on the ship was very expensive, and also very unreliable. Secondly, I've not had the time or the inclination, as there seems to have been a lot happening, which I'll try and summarise. After leaving Tauranga, we had a day at sea, en route to Christchurch, with excellent weather, so we spent a lot of time on the deck, in and out of the various swimming pools and hot tubs, trying to catch a bit of sun. Once we had spent a while on board, we realised just how vast this thing was, with bars and restaurants all over the place, so that we had to carry around a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast January 24th 2009

Faulkner/Blunt Visit - Part III and final chapter....must move on to next round of news and guests.... January 8 - 12, 2009 Thursday - Left Queenstown fairly early to head to Wanaka to Puzzling World and quick visit with the Ellis family again. Syd forgot her shoes on Tuesday and we needed to collect them. The weather was nice in Wanaka and we should have stayed there longer. It was 2 days of HEAVY rain from mid day on Thurs until Friday night. The pass from Wanaka to the West Coast (Haast) was gorgeous - lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls and great hikes. We drove past all of them since the rain just kept getting heavier and heavier. In hindsight, Michele and I both agree we should have taken a walk or two in the rain. We ... read more
Haast Visitors Center
Hukawai Glacier Center
Hukawai Glacier Center

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast January 17th 2009

I've made it through the west coast with only a smattering of rain! This part of the country is amazingly beautiful with high mountains right along the coast line with a few glaciers thrown in there and lots of rivers and gorges! I left the nelson area and headed south to Westport, or as the locals say...Deadport. Basically sums it all up. But I did meet an interesting fellow while waiting for the bus out of town. He was an older chap, he claimed 54 but I suspect older. He was on his way down the coast to go gold mining. He was meeting up with a friend down in Greymouth where he'd party for a few days and hopefully hook up with his mates mum who was his same age. He then made some remark ... read more
Monteiths brewery tour
Jade carving!
Blue Ice

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast January 15th 2009

Hi All, Sean and I spent the last two days back country hiking up a ridge behind the farm here, following it through to an alpine pond where we camped for the evening. The following day we followed the creek coming from the pond back to the farm. It took us 6 1/2 hrs up and 7 hours down, following our compass to creat a path. Sean, the goat, had a blast running straight up and around the ridges, where I was a little more nervous with the continuous thought of "How am I going to get down from here!?" There is a makeshift trail that lead up through the brush to the ridge, but we kept losing it, so Sean and I eventually resorted to climbing straight up the brush, using ferns and trees to ... read more
Elliot's Toe
The Ridgeline & Beyond
View from the Ridge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast January 11th 2009

Hey All, Sean and I are staying on a farm just south of Ahaura now. If you're looking at a map it is about an hours drive east of Gremouth along the West Coast on the South Island. We're loving our time here so far. We've had today off where we follow Erin & Pav and family to the Safety Creek swimming hole just off of their property. It was pretty refreshing jumping into fairly cold water :) Gorgeous as well! We tried to hitch off of the Heaphy track and ended up spending an evening in Westport. We tried to get out of Westport but realized there was no hope when we were passed by two hippie vans. Haha. It worked out well anyway, because the followig day we got a ride with a guy ... read more
In The Yards
Shearing Weenie
The Aftermath

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Punakiaki December 30th 2008

Hello From the glaciers in the West, we made our way up the moody Coast which changed from thick cloud to bright sunshine in the space of a few minutes! The rugged coastline is almost desolate - not many tourists venture over this way, and only 1% of the population lives here, so, at times we began to feel like the only ones in New Zealand! It was a long, windey drive but each new view of the rocky coastline gave us amazing views, and it made us make a comparrison to Oz - NZ, seems to be so comfortable with it's beauty that it forgets to rave about it, where-as in Oz the "Great Ocean Road" is one of the highlights, and greatly advertised!.....You can probably guess which we preferred - This country just has ... read more
Magical forest!
Pancake rock
Pancake rocks (blow hole)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Karamea December 25th 2008

So after we made it to Karamea and stayed the night Niv and Danielle decided that because it was raining that they didn't want to go walk to see the Caves so we headed back to Westport. Kinda a dumb idea if you ask me and I wasn't very happy about it. Anyways we stayed at the place we had checked into because they let us switch our night and we ended up having a good time that night. We left early the Next morning because Danielle had left her USB memory stick in the computer in Karamea so we ended up going to look at the caves anyways. They were really neat because you could find your own way thru them and the arches we pretty neat to. After that we got back in the ... read more
Inside the caves 2
Inside the caves
The limestone arches

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast November 21st 2008

EN FRANCAIS PLUS BAS MORE PHOTOS HERE So on day 5, enter the merry group Nicolette and her Dad Wim from the Netherlands, Bryn and his Dad Graham, and John all from the UK; and sadly, exit Josh. Suprisingly, there are no Germans in the group, while so far, it had seemed to me that there were more Germans than Kiwis in New Zealand... That evening, we camp in Okarito, a big town by South Island West Coast standards: at least 30 houses, and electricity. The evening dinner is a real feast: pork, lamb, chicken and veggies, roasted in a "hangi," the traditional Maori oven. Really easy to use: Dig a hole on the beach, fill it with some driftwood and light a fire. Once the fire is going well, place big flat stones on top ... read more
Chef Chris at hands with the hangi
Enjoying the sun to take a pic!
Around Wanaka

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast November 15th 2008

EN FRANCAIS PLUS BAS MORE PHOTOS HERE Happiness, it is said, cannot be told. I find it to be a very accurate statement. I often have no idea how to write about my moments of purest happiness, while moments of doubt and sadness inspire words more easily--though no one wants to read them, understandably enough (not even myself). So when happiness lasts 11 days straight, the blank page lures at me... But I can't keep postponing, I've been reprimanded enough for being 2 months behind on telling my adventures! I had booked the very last spot on a Hiking New Zealand 11-day trip through the West Coast Wilderness. I was a little worried about my back, about my knees (the 5-hour easy walk in Sydney had been agonizingly painful, but I was fine after the tough ... read more
Breathe in...
It's cooooold!
The only kiwi bird I saw...

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast November 11th 2008

welcome again to another update of our serious trip report, so get yourself a decent drink, buckle up and enjoy a closer look behind the curtain of Kiwiland. Before we take off, we'd just like to let u know that u'r always on our minds no matter where we are and what we're doing. Winter is slowly approaching in your hemisphere, provided you are based north of the equator. So, don't give coldness much of a chance, keep your hearts warm. Yep, still floating thru NZ, still tryin' to find out why people make such fuss about it. We colonized the south island 10 days ago, have been to incredibely beautiful places including jewel-like coasts and bays, majestic mountain ranges, breathtaking fiordlands, dense forests where Tony got lost several times trying to burn some energy on ... read more
Keep distance
Running out of budget
Hollywood is everywhere

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