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April 30th 2007
Published: April 30th 2007
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Day 14: I left Wellington early to catch the first ferry with everyone! I herd that the view from the ferry was really nice but since I was feeling pretty ill from the motion sickness I spend pretty much the whole 3 and a half hours sleeping which sucked! And then pretty much right after we got off the ferry we had to get back on the bus and drive for another 3 hours, so I pretty much felt ill the whole day, no good! When we got to Nelson I went for a walk around town. Its not at all like Wellington, from what I saw it just felt like a normal little town so I was not to sad that I was only spending one night there. When we got back to the hostel we had a free beer tasting. The beer here is alright but not that great. That night I had dinner at the hostel that was made, very nice to have a really good meal! But it was a pretty early night because I have still been trying to get rid of my cold. The hostel was really nice tho. I met up with a few people on this bus that I had known from earlyer on in the trip but unfortunatly most of them are staying in Nelson for a few days and I'm moving on. But since there was about 45 people on the bus today it will be nice to have less people on tomorow!

Day 15: Today we had about half the people we had yesterday which was really nice! We went on a really nice walk today around a lake! It was unfortunate that I still was not feeling good today because of my cold but its one of those things when your traveling that you just have to ignore the best you can so that you still enjoy everything! I'm getting use to the new driver, yesterday I did not know what i thought of him because he talked so much but now I'm seeing how funny he is and that he is actually pretty cool. We stopped in Westport tonight, which is along the west coast so it really beautiful but its a pretty small town so there is not much to do. So after taking a walk around town we stayed in for the night and made are own dinners and sat and watched a movie and played cards. It was nice to have a night to just relaxe and start getting to know all the people on my new bus. The hostel is like a little cabin, its really cute. There is so many girls on this tour tho, I think maybe 6 guys to like 20 girls, its kind of weird, its going to take some time getting use to, since they all do there make up everyday and leave there stuff everywhere!

Day 16: Today was a full day of driving and going on walks. Which again was challenging with my cold but what can ya do! The first walk we went on was to a seal colony. It was amazing! We saw so many seals, we were not that close to them but you could still watch them and with my camera being so good I got some amazing photos. I could have watched them all day! I dont think I have ever seen seals in the wild, so it was very exciting to see them! We then drove to two more different places that we went on walks at. One of them being this place in Punakaki where we went on a walk and saw these amazing rock formations (which I know seems like a weird things to say) but they are called pancake rocks and are really cool. That night was super fun! The place that we stay in Lake Mahinapua is known for its fancy dress partys that everyone on the kiwi bus has when they go there. So we picked are theam as war so we all dress up as something to do with war. I was a hosteg! It was sooo much fun. people were really creative with there costumes considering we did not have much stuff to work with! We also had a big dinner that are driver helped make for us. It was a really good night to get to know everyone!

Day 17: Today we did not do a whole lot. We went to the bushman centre which is just a place where they talk about deer farming and how they started catching deer to keep are farms. It was really weird because we have so many deer at home that just run free and are so close to are houses, so its weird that deer are penned here! It was nice to get to franz josef today and relaxe. I'm happy that we are spending a few nights in the same place again! So tonight was a pretty early night since I still have my cold and I wanted to be feeling as healthy as possible for my glacier walk the next day!

So far the south island is beautiful, I love it!


30th April 2007

Missing You
Hey Jessy Great to hear you are seeing so much of our beautiful country - sounds like you are having some amazing experiences and making loads of friends along the way! Hope you shake off that cold soon - trekking up glaciers is cold enough!! Missing you heaps, can't wait to see you next week. Love and hugs Leah and Blake x

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