Day 18 and 19! Best day ever!!

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April 30th 2007
Published: April 30th 2007
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Day 18: Today I woke up feeling sick still and a little bit worried about my challenging day ahead of me. But I had a good breakfast and then walked down to the place that we were meeting to get ready for the glacier hike. We got geared up, which included a rain coat and pants, socks, boots, gloves and a hat and spikes to put on are boots once we got to the base of the glacier. We then drove as far as we could and then walked the rest on foot to the base of the glacier which took about 20 minutes. The hike was mainly uphill for 2 hours or so. We climbed up by steps that they go up everyday and re-cut into the glacier and some of them that are really steap there is ropes along the side to help pull yourself up. Then because I was on the full day hike the guy that was leading us could take us where ever he wanted to go so he cut steps where there was not any if thats the way he wanted us to go. We also went through some caves which was the hardest part of the trek. We had to climb through them on are hands and knees because they were so small and it was so hard to pull yourself up so it was kinda scarey at times. we walked through alot of small spaces. But the hike was beautiful and so worth all the challenges that we had to face. we were all pretty tried by the time we finished. we were on the glacier for about 6 hours. It was amazing tho, I highlight for sure! Its all kind of hard to explain but it will be alot easyer to tell you all in person once I'm home. But it was amazing! That night we all felt like we deserved a good night out. So it was nice to go out with everyone with a feeling of a big accomplishment from are challenging day!

Day 19:We start out early so that we could see the perfect mirror reflection of Mt Cook and the Southern Alps on Lake Matheson, near the village of Fox Glacier. It was really beautiful and a perfect day, the reflection was perfect and pretty amazing. We then drove the last part of the West Coast road and saw all the amazing scery along the way. Then I did something that made May 28th/07 one of the best days of my life. I decided at the sper of the moment that today was the day that I would jump out of a plane! So when we got to Wanaka I jumped went to the sky diving airport!!! Four of us decided to go that day so I was not there by myself. We had to wait around for like an hour before we went up in the plane. It felt like the longest hour of my life, I was so scared but really pumped up and excited. I could not believe that I had just signed a form that felt like signing away my life into someone elses hands. When we finally got suited up and met the people we would be attached to I was getting more and more scared. I want to say that getting in that plane was the scarest moment of the whole thing but jumping was way worse. The guy I was jumping with was super nice tho and did he best to calm me down as we went higher and higher into the air. I was the first to jump of the 4 of us in the plane. I cant decribe the feeling that I got sitting on the edge of the plane before I jumped but I was so scared and all I wanted to do was say I did not want to jump anymore. But once we did it was the most amazing feeling it the whole world. I was still scared for the whole 55 or so seconds that we were free falling but once you pull that shoot its the best feeling in the whole world. I was speachless, all I could say was wow. Even now I cant find the words to decribe it but it was the best thing in the whole world. I never thought I would ever ever go sky diving but now that I have done it I feel so proud of myself and feel like I could do anything. I could not talk for like the first 10 minutes after I landed. and all night I just kept saying wow I cant believe I jumped out of a plane today. But I got the dvd so everyone can see it. But now I can tell people that I have jumped out of a plane from 12 000 ft before I am even 20. I am so proud!!


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