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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound March 8th 2007

The Day after we arrived in Te Anau, me and Rich managed to get a 'hot deal' on the Milford Sound Cruise. So we headed up the 'Milford Road' rated the most scenic road in the world! A bold statement that I honestly can't agree more with! We drove through some amazing views! Beautifully clear lakes, dozens of waterfalls, together with being surrounded by beautiful towering snow capped mountains! Wow. it was amazing! The pics cant show just how good the road is through Milford. Ace! During the drive up there is one pint where you pass under one of the mountains its called the Homer tunnel. This really small tunnel that goes straight through! Its really freaky inside because theirs almost no lights in it and it has a really steep decent down! After ... read more
Milford Road
Milford Road
Lake Gunn

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound February 10th 2007

We've been staying with Marianne and Geoff since the 8th of Feb, and on the weekend they took us up to their holiday home in Te Anau. Te Anau is only an hour north of Winton and 2 hours away from Milford Sound so it was a good place to base ourselves for things in the area. Te Anau is a nice little town that despite being a tourist spot is not that touristy. The first night there (10th Feb) Geoff and Marianne took us out on their boat for a cruise around the lake. Lake Te Anau is the second largest lake in NZ, it is 352km2, 61km long and the deepest part is 417m; and with that much water you'd think you'd be able to find at least one fish! Although Geoff assured us ... read more
Lake Gunn
Lake Gunn and Beech Trees
Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound October 30th 2006

Boarded the boat at 8.55am after crawling out of our "beds", board of wood in my case, however the gusting winds and fantastic scenery soon woke us up. Because we had a clear day we could totally appreciate Mitre Peak . We also saw the three main waterfalls of Milford Sound, which were roaring over the mountains due to the rains of the day before. All the trees visable on the surrounding mountains are actually all entertwined at the roots, thereby one falling causes and avalance of trees, seen by some of the clear paths they made while tumbling down. This 22m long Fiord experiences around 6m of rain a year , and is also subject to earthquakes - one recently measuring 7 on the Richter Scale!! As we crusied down the Fiord we stopped and ... read more
Milford Sound
Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound May 30th 2006

Yes - Milford Sound really is as amazing as everyone says! We took a tour on the sound this morning; and it was brilliant weather out in the sound - we were alternately being burnt by the sunshine on the sunny side of the sound, and chilled to the bone on the other in the shade ! We're now in the South island if you hadn't guessed - and things are going well in the Camper - there's so much to do in New Zealand; it's easy to run through the money! South Island highlights so far: Shotover river jet (quite fast too close to rocks !), Whale watching, Galcier walking (wettest and coldest I've ever been) ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound March 31st 2006

Coming up from Stuart Island the weather got better and better. We stopped for a few photographs at Lake Manapouri and Te Anau but we wanted to get to Milford Sound before the weather changed. Milford Sound is a dead end along a 120km road. If you forget to fill up with petrol at Te Anau you will be pushing the car out, and after seeing the mountains you have to cross you don’t want to be doing that. As we drove into Milford sound it was getting towards the end of the day and dozens of tour buses were coming the other way. When we got there all the tour buses had gone and it was very quiet. It was 4pm and all of the boat trips around the sound had closed down for the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Milford Sound March 20th 2005

We were feeling energised by our very succesful walk and we decided to turn our planned rest days into action. Our next stop was the highly renowned Milford Sound, the only road-accessible fjord in New Zealand's "fjordland". The fact that it's the only road-accessible one might give you an impression how undeveloped New Zealand actually is - and I'm 100% in favour of keeping it that way. It was a long drive from Queenstown around in a huge loop back to and past a place we'd been only a couple of days before during our walk. After 4 hours' driving we passed "The Divide", only about 30kms as the crow flies from where we started our walk - but about 300kms by road! We were entering a place with one of the highest annual rainfalls in ... read more
The Chasm
From the shore
Waterfall on Milford Sound

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