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January 28th 2011
Published: January 29th 2011
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Our second and final day in the Catlins. We headed out in sunshine to complete our Catlins visit and arrive in Dunedin. First of all we visited Lake Wilkie, a sort of homage to how quickly rainforest can grow, was just a short walk but interesting. Next was the Matai and Horseshoe falls. I took a tripod with me to have a play with my neutral density filter so I got some long exposure shots of thes... Read Full Entry

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29th January 2011

NZ rainforest
Lake Wilkie is a sort of homage to the complexity of our native rainforest, nit the speed at which it grows. The podacarp tress (rimu, matai. miro) which make up the mature trees of the rainforest here, take 500 years to mature and they can't start to grow until there is well-established canopy of smaller trees such as the kamahi. Step One is the dracophyllum and open country plants step Two the manukas and shrubs that can tolerate light and wind Step Three the kamahi, pittosporum and canopy species, and then Step Four, the podacarp species can begin to grow After about a thousand years we have a forest. Lake Wilkie is a superb place to explain this progression as all the stages can be seen there. I am pleased you enjoyed your visit.

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