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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 5th 2015

WUHUU QUEENSTOWN I dag kørte bussen mod Queenstown, hvilket betød Nevis Bungy og Nevis Swing!! WUHUUU!!!! Er du gal hvor var jeg spændt! Vi skulle dog først lige til Queenstown, så jeg skulle lige prøve at skrue lidt ned for min nervøsitet. Jeg sad ved siden af Andrew, der er fra England, men han bor i Norge, så han forstår og snakker både lidt norsk og svensk. Han er en af de første fra et engelsk talende land jeg har mødt der rent faktisk taler et andet sprog end engelsk. Jeg har mødt et par andre, der har talt et andet sprog, men så har det været grundet at den ene af deres forælder er fra et ikke engelsktalende land. Det er faktisk rimelig sjovt, for rigtig mange fra England, USA, Australien og New Zealand er ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown February 17th 2015

Thursday 5/2/15 Franz Josef to Queenstown.Fairly long journey today about 4.5 hours, along the coast for a bit then inland and a 'shortcut' along a river valley ending with a pretty high pass and yet more spectacular views.Queenstown is quite high up already so the snow looked quite low down! Can't decide if I liked the motel there, it looked fine but when we checked in we had been "upgraded" to a two bedroom un... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown February 17th 2015

Friday 6/2/15 Queenstown First trip of the day was the gondola, quite a steep walk to even get to the station but what a view on the way up and from the top. Decided against the luge or bungy jumps but did see a couple of people doing that. Just madness! Lots of people taking their bikes up in the gondola and cycling back down, we could have walked I guess, but enjoyed the ride down instead. Managed successfully to miss the sheep race in the town centre, seemed popular though and there were other less messy events going on in the town, music in one of the parks at least. After lunch and a wander we went for a sail on the steamer TSS Earnslaw ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown December 28th 2014

Hey Everybody - Well, after a 13 hour flight, we arrived in Auckland for a 2 1/2 hr layover and then a 2 hr flight to Queenstown. The flight from LA was good (if one can say that about a flight of that length), and our "skycouches" allowed us to ge some sleep on the way over. "Couch" is a generous term (loveseat is more like it), but we did sleep, even if I am in need of a chiropractic adjustment. Air New Zealand was excellent with personal entertainment centers, free movies, a nice crew and, best of all, free wine. We arrived in Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand, if not the world, around mid-day Saturday and tried to hit the ground running to stave off the effects of jet lag. We are 21 ... read more
Shotover River
Luge Track - top of QT gondola

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 12th 2014

Next on the list to visit was Franz Josef Glazier, a good days drive from Nelson. Having had the company of mick we drove along the Twisty Turny West Coast highway and got into franz Josef about 4pm. The only way to get onto the glazier and have a walk around on it is to get a helicopter and that’s exactly what I did the following day. The flight was booked for 10am and all was well, we even boarded the helicopter in full ice trecking attire (including crampons) before being ushered off as low cloud halted play. Thankfully the bad weather passed and we went around the glasier in the afternoon. The leader of the tour dug out obstacles in the ice for us to wriggle through. I very nearly got stuck at one point, ... read more
Franz Josef

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 11th 2014

Next day we drove back from Manapouri to Queenstown, first time dad had driven for 3 days due to 'man flu'! Queenstown is really pretty but much busier than anywhere else we've been- actual parking restrictions here which was a bit of a shock. When we arrived in Queenstown we headed to the Gondola and Freya spent the journey up the mountain side describing the possible ways we would die, it was incredibly high. When we reached the top we caught the chair lift up to the luge platform, and drove around the course. Dad overtaking us all and then laughing the whole time. Abby managed to ignore 5 signs to brake and slow down, nearly killing the lady trying to collect the luge buggies! Mum spent the whole time imagining this in snow and planning ... read more
Going even higher!
What a view.
She's gone

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 5th 2014

We returned to Queenstown via Gunns camp on the Milford Road. Just to put this in context, there were probably only six of us within a one hundred mile journey by road that night. The site of a former Labour camp built to house workers constructing the Milford Road, the campsite has a small museum displaying items such as remnants of the explosives used in constructing the mountain tunnels. The Milford sound road is billed as being one of the best drives in the world, and for once I feel that there is a lot of truth in an otherwise perhaps seemingly exaggerated statement! Slightly disconcerting were the "no stopping, avalanche zone" road signs. The remote location of this campsite probably goes some way to explain the rather endearing eccentricities of the owners. There were quirky ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown October 24th 2014

Na ons weer wat overslapen te hebben, gingen we informeren om een paardrij-tochtje te doen. Helaas bleek dat vandaag niet meer mogelijk te zijn, dus boeken we maar voor de dag erop. Nu onze namiddag vrij blijkt te zijn, besluiten we dan maar Queenstown te verkennen. Eigenlijk kun je Queenstown perfect vergelijken met de moderne, maar toch nog gezellige ski-stadjes. Omdat het zonnetje scheen, hebben we eigenlijk heel de namiddag doorgebracht op een terrasje aan het meer, waar we konden genieten van de lokale honden en kindjes die genoten van het mooie weer en het frisse water. Soms kan een lui dagje enorm deugd doen :)... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown October 22nd 2014

Today Emily and I had an early start for our rescheduled bungy. I was super excited as I've been waiting the whole trip for this! It was a perfect day for it with clear blue skies! We got to the jump site and it all happened so quickly! We got harnessed up, reweighed to confirm our weight with all the equipment on. Then we were taking to a viewing platform where we got a nice view of the drop! We waited for everyone in our group, about 10 people and the n got a cable car across to the platform which was suspended in the air! Once there we sat on a glass seat and put all our other equipment on. Then within about two minutes the first guy had jumped. There was some glass floor ... read more
134m swan dive!
Chicken and Brie Fergburger
Queenstown viewpoint

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown October 2nd 2014

October 2 - In the morning we said goodbye to Chris and Lesley, and took a tour of Queenstown before heading off for our first ‘official tramp’ in the New Zealand bush. Now, in Canada where I’m from, a ‘tramp’ is a word not much used nowadays. But, when I was growing up, a tramp was a hobo or a bum or someone down on their luck. Here, a tramp is a trek or a hike. Before reaching this tramp, we drove through the Remarkables along Lake Wakatipu. David's photo fingers were just itching as the weather was not great -- perfect for him. Lake Sylvan is an easy, beautiful trail through the bush with plenty of beach trees and green moss. At the beginning, there is a suspension bridge that needs to be crossed. This ... read more
Jewel in the mountains
APH Conference in the woods
"Princess & the Pea" - My kindred spirit

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