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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown January 17th 2004

I wake around eight after a wierd nights sleep with the sun flowing straight into my tent and sparkling over the lake. Really beautfiful and few sandflies. Its very quiet here. I breakfast on a bacon roll and a cup of tea ... isnt' life wonderful ... New Zealand bacon is a bit more fatty but still difficult with no oil. The suns' already very hot and its only 8.30. I return the mug to next door, thats, two ive lost now, my favourite tin enamel one is on the Banks, somewhere and the Kiwi mug was left at the Crayfish Van in Jackson I think. I reflect on last nights' dreams ... adventure dreams and decide it must be all the excitement of the travel as I dont usually dream so much. I go for ... read more
Lake Wakitipu
Lake Moke
Lake Moke Reflection

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 26th 2003

Today we had a bit of a lay-in. Well I say lay-in, but we were up at 7am, as today was ‘optional activities’ day. We’d all booked these up with the guys on the Sunday drive from Christchurch to Lake Ohau. I had chosen the two things I wanted to do, even before I’d even come out to New Zealand, the ‘Lord of the Rings 4x4 tour’ and the 12,000 ft Tandem Skydive. I was really excited about today, though when I looked outside, it was very overcast. There were eight of us doing the Lord of the Rings tour this morning, and a few others were doing theirs this afternoon, as they were either bungying or Shotover jetboating this morning. The group this morning were, from my tour, Lisa (a schoolteacher in Sydney), Tania, Jo ... read more
Lord of the Rings location tour
Lord of the Rings location tour

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown August 7th 2003

so we have arrived in the adventure capital of the world: Queenstown, New Zealand. This town has more insane activities than i have even heard of all gathered together in one tremendous "Lifes short-play hard" sorta town. For starters, this is where A.J. Hackett invented we went to this sacred birthplace and watched a few blokes tumble off a bridge. Did we do it? no. we both have told ourselves it is too expensive and we have no money...which is true...but also part of me is weeny of course. It also has some variations of this like bunjee from a helicopter 500m up, a swinging gondola in the middle of a canyon or from a descending para-glider. eek. This only grazes the surface of the ba-zillion amazing and highly expensive life-flashing-before-your-eyes activies. So being on ... read more
Reflection Lake
Reflection Lake
Reflection Lake

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