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May 21st 2014
Published: May 21st 2014
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So we were up at the crack of dawn for brads bungy to the office by about 8, had to wait a little while so we got ourselves some brekkie from across the road to kill the time and calm Brads nerves lol. We had to get a coach to the place he was doing the jump and we paid for me to go as a spectator so I got to join him. I think the coach journey was about half an hour and we had to go up the narrowest dirt track up a mountain to get there, which had me in bits enough as it was! As we arrived we were given a locker to out our things in and then harnessed up and out back to see what Brad was about to do! Now....I literally can't do any justification in words of how petrifying this looked, you can see by the pictures I'm going to post with this entry, but all I can say is SHIT!!!!!!! It was the scariest thing I have ever seen people do! We had to get into this box contraption that took you from the 'main land' to the middle of these 2 mountains to a box that was built for people to jump off of. We got into this box and I was already scared I couldn't look down, I couldn't look anywhere and I know it wasn't helping Brads nerves one but because I've never seen him so quiet! We got out and into this box and I burst into tears ha! I freaked out massively but composed myself as best I could lol. Brad was about the third person to go from his group, by the time he was jumping I'd got my act together and walked to the front window to take some pictures, but oh my god looking down at what he was about to do was the worst feeling In the world. The guys there helping told him to say goodbye to me and that was it he went, disappeared in between these 2 mountains....the highest bungy jump in the world and he was gone......I concentrated so much in taking pictures I tried not to think about what he was doing and before I knew it he was back up and thank goodness it was all over!!!! From his reaction, he loved it, I think the scariest thing he'd ever done but the best rush too....he even said he'd do another one! It was a great buzz I must admit, everyone in the box was so happy after their jump....all crazy people...not right in the head if you ask me but hey oh, each to their own and I'm definitely proud of Brad for completing it.

We waited for his video and pictures and headed back to town....yet again the pictures were amazing you see him on the ledge before he is about to jump and then the drop it amazing!! Once back in town we went up the gondola to the top of a mountain and got some cool pictures it was a gorgeous day so the view across town was unbelievable. We even saw where we did our skydive from. Afterwards we went back and freshened up and then headed out for some dinner to another cosy little pub which was lovely. Brad was exhausted so we headed back to the van for our last night in Queenstown. It had been an amazing Few days there and we fell in love with the place.....we both said we would come back in winter for skiing as we just missed the ski season! Next stop was Milford Sounds so make sure you keep reading if you want to know what happens...!

Love B&K


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