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May 21st 2014
Published: May 21st 2014
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Skydive complete!! I can't believe I actually, that we actually, did it! It was amazing, one of the most surreal feelings in the world!!! We had to wait around for a while because there were big delays because of the wind...or something like that but it was well worth it. We were taken through to where our divers were and given our outfits. This is when I started to all of a sudden get really really nervous!! I was introduced to the guy I would he doing the skydive with and, well it didn't help the nerves, he was as small as me....maybe smaller!!! I was hoping for some big guy to protect me lol!!! Next we met our photographers who would be diving with us as well, the would jump out at the same time as us and video and photo everything. He did an interview at the beginning asking how unfelt etc and it was time to go! Me and Brad were the only 2 doing the highest jump from 15,000 feet...CRAZY I know, so we were the first two on to be sat at the back of this tiny little plane. Olly, my photographer and Brads were taking pictures of us and videoing us together through the flight up. By this time I was literally shaking all over and couldn't stop, I was so nervous it was unreal! My diver tried to make me feel better but not much was helping all I could see was my legs shaking like jelly! Brad seemed fine too!!! He was out first, so I was last! Seeing him just go was bad enough and then literally I was sat at the edge of a plane and basically pushed out! I can't explain the feeling but it was just amazing, all fear disappears because you know you can't control anything and you just feel the wind against you!! My mum told me to think of flying with the angels lol and that's what I did it felt like we were flying, best experience of my life! I wasn't too keen once the parachute was up, the turns made me feel pretty sick but I still wouldn't change any of it for the world and I know Brad felt the same, we both said we would 110% do it again! I think we've even got Hayley on board to do one at home....go on Reevo!!

So after a pretty exhilarating and exhausting day we headed back t it campsite and our little van, both had a shower and headed out for an early dinner. We went to a pub we'd had a drink in the day before and ate there this time, it was soooo yummy and perfect setting in front of a nice fire place, little treat after putting ourselves through the nerves of the morning! We also picked our pictures up before hand and it was sooo funny to see what each other looked like....Brad pulling out a superman pose and my piggy nose out for all to see I don't really want out in public haha. It was great though, so good to be able to have the memories when we look back when we get home!

We didn't have a late night because adrenalin junky Brad was doing the Nevis bungy jump the next morning 134 meters high in between 2 mountains...enough said! So I'll update you on that one next!

Love B&K



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