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March 16th 2009
Published: March 16th 2009
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Today was Bungee jump day!

We had to get up early for our first jump about 15 minute drive away On the Kawraui bridge! This was the first commercial bungee jump in the world and stands at 43 tall!

Dan went first in just superman pants followed by dave who enterd the water at the bottom of his jump! Next It was my time, and to be honest i was crapping myself! They get you all strapped up and get you to shuffle over to the ledge. They say a few tips ask you to look at the camer and then its 3...2...1 Bungee!

The feeling was unreal, its so quick you dont get to take it in! imagine free falling with no restrictions, then the cord kicks in and you shoot back up! After we where all shaking trying to get over what just happend!

Whilst we waited for the bus to take us to our next bugee site, A japanese Women fell down some coach stairs and smashed herself unconcious on the car park - Not good!

Next was the Nevis jump, This is located in the mountains and you jump from a cable car which is postioned in the middle of the valley. This is the largest Bungee jump in newzeland at 134 meters! By now we where literally shaking at the knees! they calm you down whilst puting on the cord. Then again the walk to the platform gets the heart pumping again. 3....2....1 Bungee I jumped but this time i knew what to expect the feeling was again amazing with 8.5 seconds of freefall at crazy speeds! We got some great Videos which will be on facebook shortly!

Finally a short drive back down into queenstown for the Ledge bungee over the town. to get to this we took the gondola to the top. by now we all knew what to expect but we still scaerd! On this bugee it is a waist harness so you can choose the way you jump! Flip role backwards headfirst cannonball, you name it you can do it! After 3 jumps we decided to call it a day to try and get the heart rate back to normal!

In all this was one of the craziest days Ive ever had! Tuesday should be interesting though, just the small matter of a 15,000ft Sky Dive!


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