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March 15th 2009
Published: March 15th 2009
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Hello again!

its been A while since I updated my blog last, but I think its best for you to read all the really exciting parts we do , rather than me writting to you how we get up late and just go to the beach everyday in coogee!

We arrived In Christchurch pretty late and got a shuttle bus into the "City" In england this would be called no more than a large town. The Hostel that we had paid a deposit on, once we got there, no one was up as it was about 2am, so we had to walk around for a while until we found somewhere to stop the night!

Saturday morning we got up early to try and cram in as much as we could! The city itself seemed dead as though everyone was still in bed, but it slowly got to its feet! The city after seeing it in daylight was beautifull, its really chilled out and surrounded by the mountains to both sides. In the center is the Catherdal where everything seems to revolve around. We managed to book our coach trip down to queenstown before heading of to the international Antartic Center. This was pretty cool and we got to ride in one of the big snow cat machines!

Next we headed of across the city into the mountains on the Gondola. Here we got to see the great views Across the city and took some good pics! We made our way back down and headed for the City's Stadium to watch the Crusaders in super 14 action aginst The western Force! Cracking game which ended 23 - 23. We where cheering for the force as Australia is our temp home now, much to the anger of the Crusaders fans.

We are currently in Queenstown - the Adventure Capital of the world! We have 5 days here and have spent way to much money on booking Monday - 4 bungee jumps Tuesday - 15,000 ft skydive Wednesday White water rafting! Thursday - River boarding!

I will update this everyday on how we got on and all the tales to tell! Peace out!


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