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February 13th 2009
Published: February 13th 2009
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Sorry again for the lack of updates but we are having such a good time so I cant update this enough as I would like!

The last week Has been Mayhem quite honestly Let me run you through it!

We finally found a Hostel last friday in coogee after searching around for ages, as my bag wheel slowly disintigrated( its now destroyed!)
We had a quite night in, before a huge day on saturday. Wierdly enough in a dorm room of 8 people 2 lads from Coventry moved in and then a scrum half from Kings norton moved in about 5 minutes later, so we where all set for a good night! England V Italy on the Tv Perfect. What we diddnt realise was that the bouncers in AUS dont like letting people who have had any alcohol before hand in. It took Dave 4 attempts, a change of clothes and a bottle of water to get into CBH Coogee Bay Hotel ( The New Lloyds Bar)

The follwoing day the guys in the Hostel asked if we wanted to go and play footie down at the local pitch with everyone else from the hostel. Dave managed to find the one pot hole on the pitch and went over on his ankle after about 5 minutes! After he rolled around for several minutes we decided a Trip to Randiwck Hosptial was requierd. We got there and with no one else there we thought great we will be done quickly!......... 4 hours later we finally left. Dave managed to badly sprain his ankle and damage some ligaments!

The follwoing evening We all ventuerd up to the rugby training pitches for our first session, well mine and dans! After a killer of a fittness session we did some light passing work which Dan somehow managed to trip up put his hand out and hurt his wrist! Another trip to Randwick Hosptial and another 4 hour wait to be told , yes, it was broken. Dans now in plaster for 4 weeks!

Both injuries meant that the flights we had booked to Newzeland on the 12th of feb for 10 days to do Sky diving, bungee jumping and white water rafting, had to be changed. We are now going for 10 days on the 13 of March..... Friday the 13th of March!

Finally To add to complete the bad luck as it come in 3's Dave fell asleep in the lounge area the following evening and whilst alseep someone took his wallet and stole his cash and cards!

On thursday we moved into our new studio apartment where you cook lounge sleep and brush your teeth in the same room, but it comes with panoramic sea views, and curtains which could do the same job as crap tracing paper! It also smells like old women.

Finally to add to the bad luck the weather hasnt been too great recently and we managed to get caught out today on the way back from visitng Sydney aquarium and managed to get pissed on so much dave decided to take his top off to celebrate our bad luck!

Tomorrow we are catching up with Craig and Lisa before comically speed dating with the irish population (3/4 of which are here in coogee) and then watching England nail wales at 4.30am!

Check my facebook for pictures!



15th February 2009

shit the bed
why has kieran pooing the bed not been mentioned in this blog?

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