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March 18th 2009
Published: March 18th 2009
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Sorry for no update yesterday but, didn't get back until late!

The original sky Dive that we booked was cancelled at the last minute due to a fault with the plane. Luckily we managed to swap to a different company for later in the afternoon!

We arrived at the center and got geared up after a short wait, then they called our name met our instructors and off we went! 9 of us crammed into the smallest inside of a plane ive ever seen. We took off and started the climb to 15,000ft this is the highest you are allowed to go commercially in the world, and only two places do it!

The views where simply stunning! The weather was fine so you could see for miles, On the mountains there where still snowfields left from last winter. You could also make out mount cooke 4 hours drive away! As we climbed higher we got joint together and then we had to start taking oxygen from a pipe due to the air pressure. Now my heart was pumping as the tandem master kept showing me his altitude watch as we climbed. After about 15 minutes we where at jump height! The green light went on and t was our turn to jump, as the door opened all hell broke loose as the wind came rushing in and made hearing really hard! We shuffled over to the ledge and I put my legs outside then he sat on the edge so I was basically hanging In mid air! He tapped me on the shoulder and said 3,2,1 and we went.

The feeling of free fall was amazing, twisting in the air and flipping over seeing the underneath of the plane was incredible! the wind whistled past you and you couldn't hear much but the views where stunning! he pulled a mini chute to keep us up right and slow us down so we got the full 60 seconds freefall! the next thing I knew he pulled the chord and we shot up as the parachute took the air. We fell slowly back down to the landing strip , twisting and turning as he pulled the chute from side to side! It was as is you where flying!

We touched down and it was over, but for that 5 minutes your in the air was literally indescribable. The only way you can really understand it is to do it yourself! I strongly recommend it!


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