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November 24th 2008
Published: November 26th 2008
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I can't stop grinning!!! I was like this before we'd even left for the air-base, but this is a post skydive pic.
...comes down at over 200mph from 15000ft! Oh yeh! Sweet as! The weather was against us for the first few days; it was cancelled when we booked it, but that's all good because the day we did eventually get to do it on was perfect! Blue skies, a few whisps of cloud, random falling people... I was so excited going up, no fear at all, which suprised me seeing as there was a time that I hated rollercoasters. Then again, its nothing like theme park rides. No dodgy rolling stomach, it just felt like you're lying still and the floor is rushing up to meet you, rather than you going down to meet it. When the chute was deployed, the views were awesome! And it was so quiet, although that could have something to do with the fact that my eardrums exploded... I still cant hear properly. We decided that we were unlikely to be believed without them, so we paid up for some photos. Unfortunately, we're leaving Queenstown for Milford sound at a stupid time in the morning, so we can't pick them up. They're being sent home. We've not even seen them yet so you should feel very privilaged
Skydive daySkydive daySkydive day

the view from the quay
seeing them first. Thats also the excuse for none of the images being up on this... Also I have a feeling there may be spit all over my face... :s.

So apart from skydiving, we haven't really done much in Queenstown. We went up the gondola to get a view of the place, but it was cloudy and then it started to rain. On the recommendation of Collette and Bruce, we paid to go on the luge, and me being stupid didn't bring a jacket or waterproof or anything. No, I wasnt being stupid, it was warm when we left... but yeh, we got wet again. It was fun though. The chair lift up to the luge was scary, especially seeing as we were supposed to put the safety bar down ourselves; the problem being we couldn't find it. After a few seconds of panic we found it, but surely it would be easier for the guy who's stood there directing people, to put it down? oh well...

Our hostel here is ok, not as nice as some of the places we've been, but better than Picton, which was crap. WE HAD STEAK!!! Real meat! With real chips!

The top one was white chocolate and hazelnut and the bottom scoop was raspberry sorbet.
It was nice...Much better than the pasta we've been living off. Well, we made a funny sausage, apple and veg thing that was nice, but we had to cook it ourselves so it's not quite the same as food miraculously appearing in front of you with minimum effort on our part. What else...ohhh, giant ice creams, very nice also.

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26th November 2008

hi ho! you finally managed the skydive then!? can't wait to see the pictures. :D it looks absolutely amazing! i'm still very jealous. thanks for the blog roseanna -- very entertaining.. :D keep us posted.. love immi xxxxx

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