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March 11th 2008
Published: March 11th 2008
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Now that was fun. 3 bungy jumps in 2 days. 3 very different jumps, each with their own appeal.

1st, Kawarau Brigde, the original site. 43m into the water. Asked not to get wet, came as a bit of a shock when got a bit too close to the water. Got dunked to waste. Scared the hell out of me.
Rest of my bus were there to watch so got good support. Nice to be able to look out and wave to the crowd before plummeting towards the water. I also had someone to take my photo when jumping, not possible with the others. (Have a DVD + Professional photo's and postcards off all jumps to show off when I get back)

2nd, Nevis High Wire. In the middle of nowhere, stunning scenery, 134m high, 8.5 seconds freefall. Plenty of time to debate whether or not your straps were tight enough. (did actually feel a little loose, but by then was too late to complain, not much point panicing) Next time your on top of a large mountain, look down, imagine falling off it, intentionally. Hell of a rush, but my god was I terrified. Really really high up.

3rd, Ledge Bungy. Only 40m of falling, but had it's own little demons that needed facing. For a start, it was a ledge sticking out, not very far from the cliffs, 400m above Queenstown. Harness round waste rather than ankles as with previous jumps, oddly less comforting. Ankles felt bare. Also, I was made to run and jump off the ledge. What sane person would run and jump into nothing with 400m to fall if it goes wrong? Again, great fun. Superb views when remembered how to breathe and checked I'm still alive.

Easy to forget what it feels like to fly, well fall. Bloody scary. But so much fun. The moment of jumping into thin air is not something most normal people get to feel. Freedom from gravity for that millisecond, then the realisation there's nothing below you and then the screaming tends to kick in. (Had time to scream, relax, then scream Meat Loaf (why not) doing Nevis) The relief of feeling the cord grip on, finally something is supporting you, but you're still falling, slow enough now to appreciate the ground isn't that far away. Couple of bounces and suddenly it's over. The stupid grin takes over your face and the adrenalin starts coursing through your body. 10 minutes of shaking, lifetime of memories, irrational desire to immediately jump again. Fantastic.

Last action of the day was to play with little carts (Luge) down a funky little track near the ledge bungy. Great fun. Met few girls off my bus up there so had someone to race against, much more fun, even if they were a bit slow. Back to sightseeing tomorrow. Body needs time to recover. Most of body aching this evening. So worth it though.

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11th March 2008

Brave or what
God Lizzie, I feel sick just looking at these photos. You're either the bravest person I know or the daftest. Well done though.
11th March 2008

Ah well, I guess the last few brain cells have been shaken out then :) I find it worrying that you almost make me feel like I would want to have a go - the jumping off a ledge (and I hate heights!) sounds cool! Not sure my ears would cope though, pants as they are. Luge sounds fun though. Quite fancy some bobsledding one day - I think your insanity is catching. Do me a favour though - imagine me sat at work reading your bit about screaming Meat Loaf. Then imagine me putting my hand to my forehead and shaking my head in despair! :D Keep having fun, nutter!
12th March 2008

Sounds absolutely terrifying - especially the running and jumping bit!!! Shan't be trying it any time soon. I didn't realise you were planning on doing more than one. Oh btw we can view your comments, in case no-one else has let you know. Can't wait for the next instalment. Take Care lol Samantha xx
12th March 2008

Brave or stupid
I'd have to go with stupid right now, body been stretched in odd directions and muscles sore that I didn't know existed. Great fun though. Less rolling aoung than your caged swing thingy, more bouncing around on head (almost literally) which is less likely to make you vomit. Can recommend it as a fun way to spend and afternoon. Couple of jumps, then 3 days wincing when laugh.
12th March 2008

Forgot to mention not only have we had an earthquake, but a whole host of freak storms, particularly down south. The Midlands has had a taste of it with gale force winds (well maybe not quite but they feel like it!) and rain. Just be glad you're missing out on that!! Lol Samantha xx
12th March 2008

You do realise I'll have to keep jumping for the rest of the holiday, and you'll have to try at least once. Maybe over Niagra. I'll book us in tonight, ok?
14th March 2008

Brave girl
How do you do all that jumping?! Must have nerves of steel. I can't even stand on a chair. At least you had a nice turquoise water to dunk your head into... New Zealand looks very impressive, great scenery. Glad you're still in one piece, take care and have fun! K x
16th March 2008

Fantastic photos. Glad you did those jumps and then told us about them and not the other way round. Well done!
20th March 2008

Hi ~
Hi Lizzie~ It looks great everything what you are doing. Me and Jack have very nice time now in Church stretton. I hope North Island is as good. love ~Yun-Ji
21st March 2008

Life seems a little dull here without you.
the most exciting thing this week was the visit of Jack and junci and all we did was talk about you. Junci did manage to buy a warm jacket from the red cross shop and she discovered afew videos in my collection which were very romantic. They didn't really compare though with swimming with sharks. and leaping from great hei ghts into deep water. Please have a boring time for a day or two.

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