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March 10th 2008
Published: March 10th 2008
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Had a few days of relative peace, just wanted to share some photo's with you.
There's a bit of a theme today. Spot the deliberate mistake (not spelling mistakes)

Been visiting lakes, waterfalls and mountains, all pretty stunning.
Arrived in Queenstown today. The place is designed purely for adrenalin junkies. Staying here a while.

Lake Matheson was gorgeous. Mirror lake. Had to get there early before the ducks got up and moved the surface of the water around spoilling it for us. Not sure how well you can see in the photo, (have plenty more if not) but along the edge of the lake, there's lots of spikey plants. Give a really cool reflection in the water. Looks a lot like they've been planted just to be pretty.

Were intstucted to walk around the lake, "should take about 45mins" says our dozey driver. Most fancied an aimless wander and must have walked to the first view point and headed back. Can't walk that slowly so I strided out. Much better view further round the lake anyway. After about 40 mins I came to a sign saying carpark 45mins back, 40 mins forwards. Oh crap. Had to be on the bus in 35 mins. Not long after was "reflection island". Perfect viewing platform in middle of lake. Impossible to resist. Didn't quite end up jogging, but walked as fast as my tired legs could manage. Another girl caught up with me half a mile from the carpark. She didn't have a watch so panicked when reached that sign. Had to jog. Then she put the fear of god in me by saying she thought there was 2 car parks. Spectacularly beautiful area, but not somewhere to get stuck and spend the night with only shorts and t-shirt to keep me warm. Made for an entertaining walk anyway.

Afternoon spent travelling south, stopping to look at Thunderfalls and Lake Hawea (I think that's how it's spelt, don't complain me if you know I'm wrong). Followed by nice walk up a steep hill. Was perfectly happy going up. Legs worked fine. Coming down I suddenly felt the affect of a days clambering round the galcier. Knees not work. Poor stiff legs complained bitterly about being made to walk down steep, rocky slopes. Was quite a slow decent. Listening to "The Golden Compass" so didn't really care if it took all day, but may take the full 7 hours to do the Tongaririo Crossing (Mt Doom) fine going up, but won't have massive eagle to get me down.

Last little town was Wanaka, sweet little tourist town with huge lake. Nice walk 'up' hill and fun museum. Puzzling World. Huge 3D Maze to get lost in, lots of wierd rooms with optical illusions, water flowing up, faces following you round the room that sort of thing. Cafe was wonderful. They do a superb bacon buttie, and all the tables had daft puzzles for everyone to try. Was a bit like playschool with everyone crouched around their little blocks of wood trying in vain to make the cube, or the dog shape. Could have stayed there all day. Had another appointment that afternoon. Photo's and explanation to follow whe I've finished the Thrillogy. (just excting knitting patterns obviously)

NB, I've responded to a few comments, does it tell you when I 've responded to your comment? Can't find anything that'll tell me.

Additional photos below
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Mt CookMt Cook
Mt Cook

Tallest mountain in New Zealand
Puzzling WorldPuzzling World
Puzzling World

Someone had fun when they were designing this place

10th March 2008

Hi Liz. Your blog is brilliant! Just read the last two - love the pictures. Was one of the lakes up-side down when you took the photo? The walking down the mountain and getting knackered reminded me of doing Mt Kinabalu (highest in S. Hemisphere). I was staying in a guest house, my room being at the bottom of about 50 steps. When I had ascended and then descended the mountain, I didn't eat anything for the next 2 days because I couldn't get up the bloody steps to the restaurant! The following day, after taking about 2 hours to raech the top of the stairs, I saw the strangest sight ever. About 200 young people hobbling around like they were 120, some with sticks. All steps up and down being totally avoided except by those who had not yet embarked on the trip. People sitting at the same table in the restaurant all day because they couldn't get out of their chairs, let alone face the journey (several meters) back to their hut. OOOoooo - just remembered - when you get to Brasil, make sure you have a traditional hot dog from a dirty street vendor. I won't spoil it by describing them, but let me know what you think. I lived on them for about 3 months because "hotdog" is the same in Portuguese as it is in English. I'm sure you wouldn't usually eat such rubbish but....! Very jealous of you swimming with dolphins. Keep having fun. Love Tim
10th March 2008

I've read last entry over and over and can't find mistake. Intrigued now. I'm sure someone will tell us what it is! Your replies to our questions comes up on the comments page. Stunning photos and you make me really giggle sometimes.
10th March 2008

Better Matheson
Well I've worked in Matheson House for nearly 5 years now and I (and the colleagues I just spoke to) can safely say that you got the better deal :) Absolutely stunning. I've done one of those 3D mazes before in Cornwall. The one I did had water-based booby traps if you went the wrong way! Oh, and regarding comment replies, the last ones I can see are on the bottom of your Power of Music post.
12th March 2008

HELLLLLLOOOOO! Seems like ages since I have sent you a msg. Kept checking blog and then suddenly flood of pics and msgs Hurrah!!! Pics are amazing - can't believe how wonderful the place looks. Lol Samantha xx
12th March 2008

Upside down lake
Correct, but which one was upside down
12th March 2008

Wonderful, this is nothing
Few more impressive pictures to follow in a few days. A waterfall twice the size of Niagra being one of many. Niagra better be good. Lots of competition.
12th March 2008

This is too much for me!
Remember the bear in" What did the crocodile have for dinner?" I am getting frightened to turn over a page for fear of what terrifying thing you will.have done next. Maybe there is a place coming where you will have a pleasant room to yourself with a private bath? Maybe the bacon butties will follow you and we will have a picture of you sipping a cup of nectar whilst you eat. live in hope.

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