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May 7th 2007
Published: May 7th 2007
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Day 20/21: This morning began with a trip to puzzle world. We were all really excited to go and then after being there we were not that impressed, it was not what we thought it would be like. But we made the most of it and even tho it was not as good as we thought it would be we still had fun. Then we pretty much drove straight to queens town, we stopped at the bungy site just outside of queens town where a few people from are group went bungy jumping. Even after jumping out of a plane this looked way more scary to me so I decided today would not be the day I jumped off a bridge but hey maybe one day. It was fun getting to watch my friends jump tho. The rest of the day we spent hanging out around the hostel. We all hung out togther that night because after Queens town you dont really run into people anymore because alot of people finish there trip in Christchurch and so everyones trips are different after queens town. Its nice being in a place again for a few days. The next day we just had a relaxing day to do are washing and catch up on emails and such. It felt really go to have nothing to do. That night there was Kareoke down at the bar. I was super excited but then very dissapointed when I was there. They dont really have good songs like back home and it was all drunk backpacker who could not sing, it made me miss Kareoke at home for sure, but still got to sing so that made me happy.

Day 22: Today eight of us from my tour bus decided to rent a car and drive to Milford sound. We were going to go with Kiwi experience but it was much cheaper to do it on are own. So we got up early to get a haed start there since none of us really knew where we were going. It took us about four hours to get there, with stops along the way to take pictures of the beautiful suroundings. The weather was not very good which was kinda to bad but it was still a beautiful drive. Once we got there we went on a walk around the lake and then had are lunchs in the van because we were surounded by sand flys. We stayed there for a few hours and then took are time comming back. To stop and go on a few walks to water falls and such. I am so glad we decided to take this road trip, it only costed us all $40 each for the car and for gas, and we had so much fun! Tonight we had to say goodbye to a few people that were leaving to go to Christchurch before the rest of us did, a few of them I will hopfully see again tho and thankfully there is still quite a few of us staying for another few days.

Day 23/24: The last two days we spent just hanging out and enjoying Queens town. The shops here are really cute and fun to walk around in. There is also some beautiful gardens to enjoy and walk around. It has been nice and relaxing. I think Queens town is my second favorit place that I have been in NZ. It has also been nice running into alot of people in Queens town from other busses and places I have been. It has kind of been a saying goodbye place and even tho its not yet the end of my tour it sort of feels like it is because all the people I have become close with I wont really see again after here it will be mainly people I have not met yet and I wont spend much time with since I have already been to the north island and we be just going stright through it while others will be just seeing it for the first time and wanting to spend a few days in each place. But it has for sure been an awsome 5 days in Queens town.


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