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May 7th 2007
Published: May 7th 2007
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We had a long day of driving to do from Queens town to Christchurch and the weather was not very good so we did not do any walks along the way so that we would have more time in Christchurch. But we got to watch a movie on the bus so the day did not feel as long as it might have. The bus was pretty much full and there was only 6 of us left from are last bus. It was sad saying goodbye to the remaining people staying in Queens town while we moved on, and its also weird being on a bus again where I dont know many people...I got use to my last bus where I knew everyone but exciting to meet new people at the same time. Once in Christchurch (which was around 4:30) we drove around town so that we could still kind of see it for those of us that were only spending the night there. We then had a short amount of time to get settled in before we went to the rugby game. In Christchurch there was a home game playing at the stadium and even tho I know nothing about rugby I decided to by a ticket to go, it seemed like a very NZ thing to do. Everyone was really excited to go so I thought I may as well join in on the excitment. It costed $25 for the tickets (which were really good seats) and the transport there and back and two free beers, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. So we went to the bar at the hostel and had a drink before we all go picked up to go and then got on the bus and headed to the game. I did not understand alot of the rules but it was so much fun being there, everyone got really into it. The christchurch team did not win which was to bad but I was so glad i got to go and experience my first and probley only game of rugby I will be at in NZ.
The next day we got up early to leave Christchurch, which started which yet another goodbye of one of my friends that I have been traveling with for a few weeks. The driver leaving Christchurch was my driver that I have been with for the whole south island except for comming to Christchurch so it was exciting to be back on his bus. We had a pretty short drive to get to Kaikoura. The weather today was sooo nice compaired to the weather that we have been having the last few days. I was suppose to be going seal swimming when I got there but unfortunatly the trip was cancled due to water temperatures so that was a bit dissapointing but atleast the weather was nice, so I decided to just spend the day walking around and enjoying how beautiful Kaikoura is and hanging out we the four friends I have left from my south island bus. The hostel was also really cute and nice, it kind of felt like we were staying in someones house not at a hostel.
Leaving Kaikoura we stopped and got to see seals alot closer up then the last time we saw them. So that was really fun to watch. I could not get over how many of them there was, it was amazing. Then we had a pretty short drive along the coast to picton where we had a few hours to kill before we got onto the ferry to head back to the north island! Its weird knowing that everything that I see from this point on I will have already seen before but nice knowing I am on my way back to being with Melissa and Hopper and no longer living as a backpacker. The ferry ride was alot better then on the way to the south island was. We all played cards for a bit and then I slept for the other half of it. It was nice to be back in Wellington where I know where everything is and feel comfortbale here. it feels weird being back tho with different people. It feels like so long ago that I was hear. I am staying in the Sanctuary this time tho beacuse there were no other rooms left so I got to pay the same price I would have in a normal dorm but now I am in a floor with all girls, only 4 beds per room, really nice bathrooms. It feels really nice compaired to all the other rooms i have been in. Its a nice way to spend my last 2 out of 3 nights of backpacking.
So today is a full day in Wellington of just hanging out since i have already seen everything that I want to see here. Its nice to be in a place where I know where everything is and I can just relaxe. Tonight is going to be my last big night out since tonight i will be pretty much leaving everyone that I have known on the kiwi busses since the begining ( which is only 4 people left) So tonight kind of feels like its my last night of the tour even tho tomorow is. But tomorow I will have a new bus driver and pretty much a bus full of people I have never met. So its a little bit sad in a way but also exciting to know that I only have two more nights left untill I am back at Melissa's. So its a bit of a bitter sweet of a day you could say. So my next entry I will be back at melissa's an no longer a backpacker. It feels like forever ago since i was there. It has been an amazing tour, I am a bit sad to see it all end but looking forward to the comforts of being back with family, not sharing a room, not buying all my meals or eating just noodles or peanut butter sandwichs, not moving places everyday and actually getting a good sleep every night. But I will miss all the people I have met and all the amazing places I have seen and amazing things I have done!


8th May 2007

out of the plane without a chute
Honey, Way to proud of you and the trip and your expierences abroad to say right now,but good girl you. I have followed your every move but when you hear about what I did in the attempt to add messages to your journal,thus the comment,out of the plane with out a chute,for that is probably what you would to me should you ever find out.Surely not from lackof trying,but more from Hopper's training.[have to blame it on someone,and it just happened to be his turn! BUT HON, YOU OUT OF AN AIRPLANE? HELLO, I still cannot ptham that,ARE YOU SURE IT WASN'T SOME OTHER GIRL YOU MET BUY THE SAME NAME ? YOU CRAZY GIRL, so unlke your father. R R R . Please call me when you get to bubbalou's and the hack's house. LOVE DAD. P.S. { a hack= a name for a tacky golfer.

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