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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin December 9th 2013

Monday 9th December, 2013. Dunedin and Penguins Dunedin is Gaelic for "Edinburgh of the South" and was originally setlled by the Scots in 1848. It is the furthest city away from London in the world - 19,100 km (11,870 miles). It has a population of about 120,00 people. Apologies for this longer than normal blog - we did a hell of a lot today. After breakfast we set off an a self-guided city tour of the city. Our first stop was St Paul's Anglican Cathedral. The cathedral is built in a West to East direction instead of the traditional East to West due to the lie of the hill. The building has many beautiful stained glass windows but the largest is The War Memorial Window which is located above the Great Door. This window honours all ... read more
27. . Dunedin Railway Station
29. Railway Station Interior
44. M on a Penny Farthing, Settlers Museum

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin December 8th 2013

Sunday 8th December, 2013. Southern Scenic Route and Otago Peninsula We left the hospital (Youth Hostel) and started on our way to Dunedin. Our first stop was the Historic Railway Tunnel Walk which we were unable to do yesterday because of the dreadful weather. It was a bit muddy but at least it wasn't raining. The tunnel was excavated under what was then named "McDonald's Saddle". It is the southernmost railway tunnel in NZ. It was begun in 1891 and took nearly 2 years to complete. It is 246 metres long and the construction involved up to 70 men. All the bricks were made nearby. It cost £9316 in total. Construction of the entire line was done using pick, shovel and barrow. The line was closed in 1971. The walk was fairly pleasant. The notice at ... read more
16 Fishing Boats Taieri Mouth
19. Brighton Beach
28. Fletcher House Master Bedroom and  Our Guide

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 26th 2013

Left Melbourne 4.00p.m. 23/1/2013, been sailing day and night for two days. The first day Gloria left her phone on table and someone pinched that in a flash. Have seen a few shows onboard the first couple of days, horse racing etc. Was a pretty rough and windy crossing from Melbourne to NZ. Betty and Muz great company and its great to share meals, drinks etc with lovely friends. Finally arrived at Milford Sound on Australia Day 7.00a.m., we entered Milford Sound (width only 600mts) and sailed the length of this, very scenic and the weather was fantastic 27 degrees, we were very lucky as the last two cruises couldn't enter as the weather was so bad! Saw lots of birdlife and seals along the way. As we exited Mildford Sound to sail south to other ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 19th 2012

Thursday - just so Iknow! Getting my hotel room numbers mixed up - it's either the wine or the number of hotels or dementia - tick the appropriate box. Interesting day................bit of a mix up with our trip booking: Monarch thought we were doing a morning trip and we thought it was a full day one. All worked out in our favor as we we got a free Larnach Castle visit - wouldn't have chosen to go on it but we really enjoyed it. Even had a piper there (Glen) to welcome the visitors (off the cruise ships) - he was pretty good given that he is about 5 generations removed from being Scottish! The guide was excellent, giving us all the scandal about the Larnach family. Then the trip we expected to go on started: ... read more
View from Larnach Castle...
Larnach Castle gardens....
Stewart Island....

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin May 29th 2011

We set off in the morning, with the promise of sunny but brisk autumn weather, to the Otago Peninsula. After travelling along the harbour, we took a narrow road, surrounded by cliffs to the Larnach Castle - New Zealand's only castle, built in 1871. Of course, this 'castle' was more of a large estate home than the castles found across Europe. Not only did we explore all the handcrafted rooms of this lavish estate but we also wandered through the beautifully shaded gardens, full of swans, flowers and sculptures. One of my favourite plants that I encountered was the 'black grass' - I like it's macabre appearance. After a spot of tea by the fireplace in the cafe, Sarah and I played between the Alice and Wonderland statues and sat in the Queen of Heart's chair. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin March 23rd 2011

March 23, 2011: Another wonderful night of sleep…..and to wake up in this lovely room here in the Chalet Hostel…..I think I called the Chateau last night……, it is such a lovely place. We had a leisurely breakfast as it was raining outside….and we were in no real hurry to get out in this mess, including the cold weather. We talked with the owner, Heinz, who has been here in NZ for 20 years. A GREAT guy…..and we laid the compliments on him as to the quality of this hostel, by far the best we have been in yet. While we have not seen the third floor, we did go up to the second floor to the Red phone booth…..a throwback to the ones in England. The 1st Lady attempted to call her mother, but ... read more
Chalet Hostel
Our unique bedroom in this hostel
Hostel poll talbe

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin March 12th 2011

The Catlins and the Otago Peninsula were a totally different experience to the past couple of weeks in the Fiordland area. Our first stop was Nugget Point which is something we never really planned on doing until Kathie saw a postcard of the lighthouse there and said, “I want to see that.” So we did, and we enjoyed our breakfast watching the sunrise over the lighthouse. On the way to Nugget Point is a hide overlooking a bay where a colony of Yellow-eyed penguins comes ashore every night. Even though you can’t get very close it was fun to see them swim up to the beach and stagger out of the surf and then waddle their way to their nests in the grasslands. The most unexpected surprise was when we decided to go for a drive ... read more
Purakaunui falls
Yellow-eyed penguin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 4th 2011

Day 121-122 4th-5th January Knowing we were not that far from Dunedin we took our time getting there the next morning. We were not to do our next wedding present until late that evening (Penguins in the Forest) so we planned to hang out in Dunedin for a bit before heading up to the Otago Peninsular. We had a couple of things we also wanted to sort out as well. First of all, some eejit had taken the wing mirror cover on the drivers side and knowing that it we took it back to the hire company like that they would charge us $350 (ouch) we had decided to replace it ourselves (as long as it was cheaper). We drove out to Toyota only to find they were still shut because of New Year! Well ok ... read more
Baby penguin 2
baby penguin 3
back from a hard days fishing

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 2nd 2011

Hey, Some more pictures from the nice wildlife here in Dunedin! Cheers, Stefan... read more
New Zealand fur seal
New Zealand fur seal
New Zealand fur seal

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin December 5th 2010

It was sad to leave Aoraki Mount Cook as it was such a lovely place and we could have undertaken a few more of the excellent walking tracks but we have to move on. We headed back following the edge of Lake Pukaki and arrived in the small town of Twizel, a town that should not exist today. It was built in 1968 as the base for the Waitaki Power Development and the plan was to bulldoze the town once construction work was completed. However the inhabitants had grown fond of their home during the 18 years of construction, so they successfully campaigned to retain the town. It’s now a vibrant place with plenty of cafés and bars that enhance its appeal and we stopped in one to have a break and of course coffee and ... read more
Oamaru Post Office
Oamaru Wharf

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