Night one...trekking and camping! X

Published: April 26th 2014
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So we survived night one...just!! It was much colder than we expected so took a lot to get used to. It took us a while to get to sleep and I think we woke a bit in the night but at least we survived! And we got the most stunning view to wake up to overlooking the lake and mountains it was pretty breathtaking really. We both showered and had breakfast, brad making himself a bacon and egg sandwich on the trusty stove lol and me sticking with cereal. We had to be out the camp site by 10am and headed to Mt Cooke for trek number 2 it took us a couple of hours to get there but I just can't believe how beautiful the drive was. The place is just so so beautiful it's a road trip I'd recommend anyone to take and we are only on day 2!

We got to Mt Cooke by about 12 and headed to start the trek more or less straight away. I wasn't keen though I can tell you that for sure. There seems to be a pattern in this walks if me dreading it, moaning all the way up and loving the view by the end lol. I'm not a born trekker that's one thing I know ha! Anyway we headed up wrapped up in layers of clothes and I think within about half hour it started to rain and it got worse and worse by the time we reached the point we were meant to we were soaked through and cold to the bone and definitely not each other's favourite people lol. The view was good but not worth it in my eyes it was basically massive ice blocks and if it was good weather it would have been amazing but unfortunately for us it wasn't. So brad took the pictures he wanted to and we headed back. I made sure I sped up for the way back all I could think about was getting my horrible heavy soaking jeans off. It was so windy and cold it was hell on earth to me lol and walking over the bridges was so scary it was so windy I thought I was going to fall off. Brad was having to hold onto me pretty tight (we were friends again by this point lol). As we were walking back we saw people heading out and I just couldn't believe people would choose to start the walk in such bad weather, nome of them got a good reaction from me when they asked how far or if it was worth it I just couldn't lie! We made it back though which was most important lol and were out of wet clothes in dry ones and warmed up within no time, like it had never happened (I wish!!)

We drove for about 2 and half hours to Wanaka where we stayed for the night, made ourselves a bacon pasta and chilled out for the evening! And definitely had a good night sleep. We woke up early the next morning and brad went out to get brekkie supplies, we are getting quite used to this cooking in shared kitchens and outside on the stove now I think you guys at home would be impressed knowing what we are like usually lol. So we had breakfast and walked down to the town and to the lake where we got some more stunning views and pictures to the album. Next stop was Arrow Town. So I'll update you next.....

Love B&K xxxxxxxx

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