Sounds of Silence

Published: November 29th 2011
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Winding down with the Weather The morning after my incredible luck at the glaciers, the weather was anything but pleasant. You will not be able to tell from the pictures I have chosen for the blogs, but I have had nasty weather on the way. But I have managed to time it, so that I have been on the road on those days and not missing out on anything really important. It is also a way of cleaning th... Read Full Entry

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Into StirlingInto Stirling
Into Stirling

The captain moved the stern into the Stirling Waterfalls and there was much rejoicing.
Wet and HappyWet and Happy
Wet and Happy

Soaked by the Stirling waterfall.
Yellow-Crested PenguinsYellow-Crested Penguins
Yellow-Crested Penguins

They only live in the Fiordland area. Quite big and very clumsy on shore.

This bird had specialized in finding food in the exhaust pipes of the cars parked at the dock in Milford Sound.

At the "Chasm" at Milford Sound. Carved by water and time.
Tasman seaTasman sea
Tasman sea

At the mouth of the Doubtful Sound. Again, fantastic weather and clever planning.
Doubtful MorningDoubtful Morning
Doubtful Morning

Getting up before 6 is ok, when nature greets you like this.
Doubtful ReflectionDoubtful Reflection
Doubtful Reflection

Just before we were command to complete silence I caught this picture.

30th November 2011
The Kingston Flyer

Love it!
Great picture!

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