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Published: November 29th 2011
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Winding down with the Weather The morning after my incredible luck at the glaciers, the weather was anything but pleasant. You will not be able to tell from the pictures I have chosen for the blogs, but I have had nasty weather on the way. But I have managed to time it, so that I have been on the road on those days and not missing out on anything really important. It is also a way of cleaning th... Read Full Entry

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Paraglider over QueenstownParaglider over Queenstown
Paraglider over Queenstown

Unfortunately my PG1 certificate is not nearly enough to allow me to fly from the top of the hill overlooking Queenstown. So I had to witness their flights with uncontrollable envy.
The Kingston FlyerThe Kingston Flyer
The Kingston Flyer

Imagine just stumbling on a huffing and puffing beast like that.
The Kingston FlyerThe Kingston Flyer
The Kingston Flyer

Second Class
Frozen EDSFrozen EDS
Frozen EDS

The roof on EDS was covered in ice on the morning I left for Milford Sound and new snow had fallen on the mountains.
Milford morningMilford morning
Milford morning

Heading towards Milford in spectacular weather.

The only Danish word I bothered teaching Eric last year in Indonesia.
Teenage VandalsTeenage Vandals
Teenage Vandals

Kea attacking the EDS. I had stopped to take pictures of some else's car being attacked by the Kea (and laughing at them) but within seconds the Kea thought my car was more interesting. They immediately went to work on all the rubber fittings.

They are really, really curious and everything has to be ripped apart with their beaks to find out what is underneath. This cheeky bastard didn't even move from the mirror as I opened the door to get in.
Milford MorningMilford Morning
Milford Morning

This is exactly why I had been so careful with picking the right day for a cruise on Milford. Just look at that.
Difficult to FathomDifficult to Fathom
Difficult to Fathom

This little guy also had trouble grasping the sheer size of Milford Sound.

This is what happens when a waterfall meets strong winds. It moves upwards.
Lazy SealsLazy Seals
Lazy Seals

At MIlford.

30th November 2011
The Kingston Flyer

Love it!
Great picture!

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