A surfeit of lobster? Doubtful!

Published: July 25th 2008
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A Maori legend has it that long ago a god-like being, Tu-te-raki-whanoa, wielded his axe to carve out the landscape of South Island. If you look at a map of the southern end of South Island, you might well believe it. Indeed, the island's southwestern coast, facing Australia and the Tasman Sea, does look like it has had an axe taken to it - convoluted and narrow inlets seemingly hewn out of the sp... Read Full Entry

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Lunch on boardLunch on board
Lunch on board

With our companions for the trip.
Shores of Doubtful SoundShores of Doubtful Sound
Shores of Doubtful Sound

They fall precipitously to the water, which is several hundred metres deep.
Catching the baitCatching the bait
Catching the bait

Chris fishing for bait...for the bigger fish!

Filleted, this made perfect bait for later on...
Gone fishinGone fishin
Gone fishin

Not too much waiting required. Fishing for bait in Doubtful Sound.
Marcaciones PointMarcaciones Point
Marcaciones Point

Named by Felipe Bauza in 1793 - on the first European expedition to Doubtful Sound. Spanish place-names in Fiordland, whatever next.
Heading out to the open seaHeading out to the open sea
Heading out to the open sea

Where the fishing is good...we hope!
Alex at the helm of the flyerAlex at the helm of the flyer
Alex at the helm of the flyer

A LOT harder than it looks!

Fur seals lazing on the rocks at the entrance to the fjord.
Fur sealsFur seals
Fur seals

And boy do they smell!
At the mouth of the fjord, looking towards the Tasman SeaAt the mouth of the fjord, looking towards the Tasman Sea
At the mouth of the fjord, looking towards the Tasman Sea

After looking at a map, I reckon that if you were to travel due west from here, the first landfall would be...Argentina.
Mouth of Doubtful SoundMouth of Doubtful Sound
Mouth of Doubtful Sound

Named by Captain Cook, who was doubtful of the channel's navigability, apparently!
First catchFirst catch
First catch

A nice plump blue cod for dinner.
Got another one.Got another one.
Got another one.

There was something remarkably satisfying about feeling that little tug on the line...
"I will NEVER pose with a fish!""I will NEVER pose with a fish!"
"I will NEVER pose with a fish!"

Is what everyone says...
A grouperA grouper
A grouper

Caught by another member of the party - this one put up a hell of a fight.

A beautiful albatross feasts on the couple of smaller fish we threw back.

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