A surfeit of lobster? Doubtful!

Published: July 25th 2008
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A Maori legend has it that long ago a god-like being, Tu-te-raki-whanoa, wielded his axe to carve out the landscape of South Island. If you look at a map of the southern end of South Island, you might well believe it. Indeed, the island's southwestern coast, facing Australia and the Tasman Sea, does look like it has had an axe taken to it - convoluted and narrow inlets seemingly hewn out of the sp... Read Full Entry

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Catch of the day.Catch of the day.
Catch of the day.

Quite good going - this will feed us for dinner with some left to spare for the freezer.
Back to the fjord.Back to the fjord.
Back to the fjord.

Doubtful Sound is like an octopus - arms everywhere.
Checking the pots before dinner...Checking the pots before dinner...
Checking the pots before dinner...

Chris has a dozen or so lobster pots around the fjord.
Too bad...Too bad...
Too bad...

This pot "only" had six lobsters in it. Bummer. Gutted.
I'm going to eat you!I'm going to eat you!
I'm going to eat you!

La la la laaa la!
Filleting the dinnerFilleting the dinner
Filleting the dinner

Chris deftly prepares some blue cod fillets for dinner, ready to be cooked in beer.
Rock lobsterRock lobster
Rock lobster

If only these swarmed in the seas around Britain...
My turn!My turn!
My turn!

I was crap at it. Absolutely crap. I'll stick to Hyundais.
Spooky morning in Doubtful SoundSpooky morning in Doubtful Sound
Spooky morning in Doubtful Sound

Swirling mists and deep waters.

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