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February 15th 2011
Published: February 15th 2011
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Written Christchurch 13 Feb. 11

{Less of the complaining, Bob, about me doing quickie blogs -don't let all the pies go to your head!!! Is Prill letting you eat 'em...I have never had so many pies in my life.}
AS you can see from the fotos I had picked the best side of the plane to sit on the flight from Wellington to Christchurch – so if anyone does it sit on the right side of the plane for stunning vies of the South Isalnd coast as you fly in just 45 mins to the South Island. The Christchurch airport is a bit chaotic at the mo as they are obviously building new bits to prepare for the Rugby World Cup later this year –so there are temporary exits ( Marilyn and Terry we will have to arrange a meeting point for next Monday when you arrive)…however I found Dave eventually and we drove to my Christchurch “home”. I stayed here with Diane an d Dave 3 years ago and it was lovely to have Diane say “welcome home”. The Model A Ford car which Dave had in bits last time I was here is now up and running although he is still working on it - a real labour of love I think.
So it was lovely to be back in a familiar setting and Dave promptly gave me the key to his old car( not the Ford!!) and off I went to the city parked and had a walkabout. There are still many signs of the Earthquake damage, empty plots where building have been cleared, shored up walls, demolition sites, cranes and lots of workmen etc…apparently the buildings which had been earthquake fitted stood up best and others which hadn’t been done yet were the ones which suffered damage. There are some very sad stories of businesses having to close and people who had just signed the papers to buy a house the day before the Earthquake now have a pile of rubble, also its very difficult to buy or sell a house here now which obviously affects people who are moving for various reasons. But they are getting on with it and the city centre where the cathedral is and lots of the old buildings, art and craft centre etc looked very good and seemed to be a lot more pedestrianised than 3 years ago. And of course walks by the river and in the parks are beautiful….and there are lots of lovely cafes, bars and restaurants. There is an old tram ride you can take around the streets which I did last time – but Diane says they have extended the ride even further now.
And so Saturday we went off to an Historic House , Riccarton House, set in beautiful parkland and bush to look at a super foodie market with lts of tasting – obviously this area is now becoming a foodie heaven – and there were stalls actually from all over the South Island…and even seafood pies from Stewart Island which is the furthest south( I am hoping to go there). We took a walk in the bush around the house which is about as close as you can get to what the original bush would have been like here. Then as a contrast we went into the city centre and after perusing all the food stalls ( Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, NZ seafood, German etc etc ( spoit for choice) we sat in the market place with some lovely frankfurters. This few days it is a Flower Festival in Christchurch and so we went about the cityand botanical gardens looking at everything we could…. Deer and elephants made out of plants stood by the cathedral, penguins and a whale in the lake…so here are the fotos-( LOTS OF FLOWERS -) and one of most beautiful rose gardens I have ever seen -with them all blooming. The a WOW moment when we walked into a greenhouse to a stunning collection of begonias. I had to resist taking too many photos…the colours were so wonderful.
What a lovely day – it was so summery ( apparently 31 deg ) but we were in the shade of magnificent trees a lot of the time and it didn’t feel too hot. But it turned into a really lovely evening with Dave doing a bbq and sitting in the garden till about 9 pm until with began to see a few mossies.
So today is Sunday and we are off to see a band concert – Dave plays the cornet. Will finish this later.
Well tried to get on the internet at the libray on Sunday but it was down... so anyway now its actually Tuesday night here and I am getting this blog off before I have any more complaints from Bob. And Bob and Prill -say hello to Dorothea and Casubon in Middlemarch.
Pauline - I am sure you will enjoy your trip around the South Island with me and hope my sunshine warms you all up - I keep forgetting its dreaded February back in the North Hemipshere.
Love to all

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Capt. ScottCapt. Scott
Capt. Scott

There is a big Antarctic Centre here.
The Millenium ChaliceThe Millenium Chalice
The Millenium Chalice

It's not an ice cream cone.

15th February 2011

Amazing photos
Hi Lynne The flower photos are GORGEOUS!!!You could enter them in a competition! I am thinking you are probably in Nelson by now? Weather still looks great for the next week. Have fun!! Jocelyn
15th February 2011

Great photos again
Great to see such colourful flowers. I'm feeling colour deprived after the winter. Snowdrops only out here. Love aerial photos-yours are brilliant. And the Millennium ice cream cone--sorry chalice, --is that a cannabis leaf at the top? Love all your blogs Lynne. Stay safe & enjoy your travels. Lots of love, Pauline

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