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February 21st 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Christchurch 1Christchurch 1Christchurch 1

Christmas Dinner in our Hostel

Christchurch, Nwe Zealand. Xmas Din Dins

From Lake Tekapo we headed to Christchurch. The last leg of mine and a few other persons tour of New Zealand. Hopefully it will be end with a bang.

A few of the gang had come up the previous day and they had organised for us to join them in the penthouse suite of Base Back Packers Hostel. It isn't exactly the hilton but at least we had our own lounge area with sofa, TV and games console and also our own kitchen and dining area. Before we arrived the group had all agreed that we would have include a Christmas Dinner with our leaving party. The girls (Sarah and Helen) had agreed to do the cooking. It's good that they know their place lol.

Early that day we all took a walk through Christchurch and to the supermarket. Not surprisingly there was problems regarding what vegetables we were having, then if we were having frozen or fresh, Turkey or Chicken, Fresh or Frozen or already cooked. I saw this happening a mile of so I stayed away from this stressful situation and let the relevant persons sort it out
Christchurch 2Christchurch 2Christchurch 2

Christmas Dinner Cont (2 late arrivals, American girls - Libbey and Kelly)
(i.e the Girls) and what will be, is what i'll get and what i'll eat. Whilst this was going on I took a stroll to the liquor section. When we got back I thought it was a case of leaving the girls to it (as they had volunteered)...not so! It was a case of hells Kitchen! Everybody doing a little bit and little if No organization. To many chiefs and no indians or the other way around. Either way, there was simply too many people in the kitchen (This is something i hate and really annoys me when i'm cooking). To my amazement things actually started to take shape in a chaotic kind of way, everyone seemed to know what there job was - Mine and Peters job was to cook the chicken breasts....not entirely sure why it needs to people to do this but it kept us both quiet and made us look like we were contributing to the dinner.

Eventually dinner was ready and was served and WOW it was ALL warm too. Complements and a pat on the back to all i think! Not a bad joint effort. Food was edible (just), just messing, it was
Christchurch 3Christchurch 3Christchurch 3

After Dinner drinks - warmiong up for the partytime!
quite good. It was nice to have a warm roast meal with good friends, and on the plate meat and gravy and roast potatoes. Needless to say this dinner was rinsed down with several bottles of beer and glass or 2 of wine. Well it is Christmas lol!

After the meal the cards and party games started - getting everyone warmed up for the nights festivities and fun. We left the appartment, all very tipsey and headed first to the hostels bar and club and then we went to a bar in the town which had a live band playing and we all drank, boogied and laughed the night away. I think we got in around 3am.....but that is a total guess. Great day, great dinner, great night and all with great people!!!!! One of best Christmas Parties ever and what a way to leave New Zealand.

Woke in The Morning.....OUCH my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christchurch 4Christchurch 4
Christchurch 4

Too many drinks for Peter i think. Girls try not to get jealous!
Christchurch 5Christchurch 5
Christchurch 5

Helen And Me - eyes are starting to go & im starting to look a little bit drunk
Chrustchurch 6Chrustchurch 6
Chrustchurch 6

after dinner party has just started
Christchurch 7Christchurch 7
Christchurch 7

On route to the town center - me and the lit up church and Xmas tree
Christchurch 8Christchurch 8
Christchurch 8

In da club and leathered!
Christchurch 9Christchurch 9
Christchurch 9

Irish Dennis and me - little bit drunk i think!
Christchurch 11Christchurch 11
Christchurch 11

Party time!!!!!!
Christchurch 12Christchurch 12
Christchurch 12

The morning After - sarah hungover and traumatised from the previous nights shanningans hehehehe (private joke!)

18th July 2008

hi Karl^^
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