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February 4th 2008
Published: March 30th 2008
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Nelson, south Island, Around the 10th - 11th December 2007...i think

I Remember arriving at Nelson and this very nice hostel called Paradiso. The sun was shining for a change, the weather was warm. I was feeling a notch better within myself, but no where near 100%!s(MISSING)till.

At the hostel they had a volley ball court so i thought i'd arrange a game and show off the volley ball skills i'd picked up in fiji. Big mistake! The first time i went to slam the ball, i jumped up hit the ball down, over arm and i crumpled to the floor in agony...due to the excrutiating pain from my arm. People there who didnt know about my illness was wondering what the hell i'd done as i rolled around the floor sceaming every swear word i could think of! Helen, the girl from Halifax took a suprising interest to my battle wounds - she said she loves goory stuff so i asked her if she'd help me with my dressinging that needed to be changed later..she happily agreed to.

Drew, Helen and myself later went into town (a nice quiet retirement place) and we sneaked off to the pub for a quickie. This was the first drink id had in several days, since rotorua! It was so nice to have a drink even though id still not finished my it was a little naughty!

We got back and Helen went and got showered and nicely dressed for the evening. When she returned i asked her to help with my dressings. I took my shirt off and loosened the tape and told her to rip it off as quickly as possible, not to mess about cos its going to hurt. I closed my eyes, got ready for the pain and She did what i asked. I opened my eyes and suprisingly saw Helen running away shouting UUURRRRRHHHHH, get it off me!!!! Apparently loads of this thick green gunk from my abcesses had splattered all over her and her nice clean dress hehehehehe very funny. I looked under my arm and at the dressing and ive never seen anything so disgusting in my life - i couldnt believe all this crap could come out of my body!

Next day all the magic group went to Abel Tasman National park. To get to the starting point of the walk we had to get a speed boat. This was really cool and so much fun, going really fast and doing really sharp turns.

The walk too about 4 hours and we saw some lovely scenery, lovely beaches, clear blue waters, fresh water streams / rivers - took some really nice photos but as camera soon gets stolen....sorry no photos to share at this moment in time.

When i finished this walk i went to the toilet and did a massive shit (lol), Im sharing this horrible thing with you as i was so happy - it was my first solid shit for over 1 week since fiji!!! As well as suffering with my abcesses, yes i had the shits too!!!

1 of the nights in Nelson i had my first proper night out also. I walked into the main part of town with Colm (Irish guy from Dublin, also know from Fiji). We went to this livley bar which had a rock band on, had a few beers and met some of the other magic group in there too. Unfortuneately my body still wasn't up for a big night so i came back to the hostel early. Thought id see if any of the guys were still up. I only managed to find Drew and Helen eating each other faces....Go Drew, get in there lol!!!!!!!!!!

On the last night Nelson, i packed my stuff ready for the early start tomorrow. I distinctively remember packing my camera away as id had the battery on charge. Next morning woke up. had shower, had breakfast, collected my stuff and set off to next destination (Greymouth). On route to greymouth there was a kodak moment and went to get my camera and it had gone. Basically it was either stolen on the magic coach (don't think so) or more likely from my bag whilst i was sleeping or in the morning whilst showering / taking breakfast. Worst part was obviously losing all my pics from NewZealand and last few days in fiji. I and everyone out here thinks that its the lowest of the low when a fellow traveller steels from another traveller especially when it's their camera and there memories, also most people are on a budget and to replace the camera can take a big chunk of that! Was so upset and pissed off and angry at first, but then i though 'No' im not letting this and that idiot ruin the rest of my travels!! Anyway who ever it was out there who took my camera i hope you've been eaten by a shark or a giant mosquito or abducted by Aliens lol.


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