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April 20th 2007
Published: April 20th 2007
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Bluff Oysters!Bluff Oysters!Bluff Oysters!

this was the raw oyster stand where this fisherman was just cutting the oyster open and then hands it to you in the shell for 3 bucks
So Thursday rolls around and I was just doing stuff around my flat when my cell phone rang and it was Bobby saying that he was in Dunedin and I met him at the library and brought him back to my flat where I told him he could crash for the weekend. We decided to go with some of my friends down to check out the Bluff Sea Food Festival. One of my friend's parents owns a hotel in Invercargill, which is just outside Bluff, so we stayed there for free for the night. We drove down on Friday, hung out in the hotel for a bit and then went to see "A Perfect Stranger"- I had too high of expectations and it turned out to not be a very good movie but it was still fun cause I hadn't gone to the movies since Xmas break. The next morning we drove half an hour to the very tiny coastal town of Bluff (it sits at the very southern tip of the South Island). We spent the whole day at the Sea Food Festival just wondering around, drinking some wine and watching some weird entertainment. I tried my first raw oyster which was disgusting! There were these fishermen cutting open the oysters and they just handed me the shell with the raw oyster just sitting in it. We all counted to 3 at took it like a shot. I took a bite of it and barley swallowed it. I gagged and could feel the sand in my mouth- yuck!!!!! Anyway, we did get some better food- fish and chips, seafood chow mein, salmon over rissoto and I even tried a fried oyster and it was really good~! Also there was lots of good wine! We just kind of walked around for a bit and then hung out and listened to the live music. Then there was an oyster eating competition- the first to finish 10 oysters wins. There were a bunch of rounds and the competitors were just slirping them up- yuck you couldn't pay me to do that. After there was a weird fashion show with clothes/costumes that were "inspired by the sea". It was funny to watch the weird designs and there were these little kids dancing around everywhere. It was obvious that the whole town of Bluff had been preparing for this festival for a while and it is pretty much the big event of the year, since nothing else seems to be in this tiny sea town.

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fashion showfashion show
fashion show

sea inspired creations- haha

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