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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 22nd 2018

Day 25: Mossburn to Bluff, 137km. All’s well that ends well. The Donkey did not have a good night sleep at the Railway Hotel in Mossburn. As soon as he put his tired head on his pillow he heard a loud noise coming from the room next door which he identified as a snoring pig. He was sure it was a pig as the snoring was loud, very loud. The Donkey bonked on the wall with his hoof but the snoring became even louder. He put earplugs in but could still hear it; he put his pillow over his head rather than under it but that did not help much either, He must have fallen asleep at some stage as when was woken at 5 a.m. by the snoring next door he remembered that he had ... read more
The Donkey arrives in Bluff with Showpony by his side

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 22nd 2018

. After reading this story, in the unlikely event that you still want to do the Tour Aotearoa, the Donkey has some random tips for you. - A mountain bike travels slower than a road bike, much slower. - Every day takes longer than you think, even if Tailwind is with you. - Be prepared for Headwind, Rain and Cold. They can arrive at any time on any day, just individually or as a team. - Consider every nice weather day a bonus - Plan your trip carefully; seek advice from the website ( and tour guide books. Also seek advice from experienced bike packers and mountain bikers but don't believe everything they tell you as they function on a different planet. - If you are a novice mountain biker and bike packer avoid the grade ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff January 31st 2015

We rose early in order to speak with our children. It seems so odd waking early in order to speak to them before they go to bed. We visited a hardware shop called Hayes that passes as a motorcycle museum. In there was the Indian motorcycle developed by Bert Munroe who achieved and still holds the landspeed record for under 1000c two wheeled vehicles. He passed away in 1978 but a film of his attempts was made in 2005 starring Sir Anthony Hopkins called , the fastest Indian in the world. My interest stems from my Dad who owned an Indian Big Chief motorcycle. Apparently Mr Hayes has two of them but no room left in the shop to display them. Back to the campervan and onto Bluff, NZ equivalent of Land's End for a photo ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff November 12th 2013

Purakaunui Bay dawned and I woke to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. A quick check out the window told me the surf was up and some brave souls were out in full wetsuits.... and I mean full.... booties, hood and all. As the 3 of us settled in to breakfast, we had one of those moments.... you know the ones.... when something happens that just takes your breath away. While munching and talking about our route for the day, Mo suddenly exclaimed that there was something on the beach, and as the waves pounded and the surfers bobbed in the water, a sea lion pulled itself up above the water line to laze in the sun on the sand. Nature has a funny way of making you remember that you are just a ... read more
Matai Falls 2
Lake Te Anau 3

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 25th 2012

Hi, rode down from Queenstown to Bluff, (the southern most point of New Zealands main land) and it throuw it down, the rain was horizontal, so, about 50 kms outside bluff i stopped for fuel, the petrol station is closed, sign in the door say's "STORE CLOSED SAT 24TH DUE TO DAY OFF" what the FxxK, so im in the middle of nowhere with very little petrol and no idea how far, or if there is another station on this road. Decision made keep going, well im off down the road and yeap the biker starts to cut out (bollocks was one of the few words used) im trying in vain to find the resevre valve, nooooooo the bike stops, its now hammering it down, so gets off the bike finds the valve, sorted. nooooooooo the ... read more
matthews bike
our new prayer
more bluff 003

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 8th 2012

You could say that the weather has been horrendous down south pretty much all the time. We were quite disappointed but still loved it in a rain, cold, wind and the fog :) You would think its going to be a winter soon! Invercargill, Bluff - rather disappointing. No mountains, not much to see here. We saw couple of dolphins though. We were considering turning back north, straight to Mt Cook to try to get better weather but went to Dunedin instead. Curio and Porpoise Bay were really cool, full of surfers and dolphins. The area is also known for fur seals, NZ seelions and yellow-eyed penguins and guess what! We saw one, it was so so cute! You cannot get close to them though as they are protected. We prayed for better weather...but nothing ... read more
Moeraki Boulders

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 19th 2011

Day 6 – Saturday the 19th of March It’s official. We have been married a week today, doesn’t time just fly by. Sorry we also know we’ve been a little slow putting up the blogs.....we’ve been VERY busy. Doing things one does on their honeymoon :-) We’re in Invergargill and decided to have a nice lazy day. We checked out the town. It’s definitely not the shit hole people call it. It’s actually quite a quaint little town with some quite remarkable old buildings along the main street. Then it was off to Bluff! We stayed in the only campsite there which was a honesty box system, the first one of those we’d come across. There was only us and one other camper there. We went down to apparently the most southern point of the South ... read more
The Sign post at Bluff
The view from the bottom of the South Island
The Drunken Sailor

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff April 1st 2010

Bluff is the bottom of the South Island, right? Well, actually no. Ask the locals and most of them will tell you that the true southernmost tip of the South Island is Slope Point, 70 kilometres east of Invercargill. How the signpost at Bluff came to be established as the southernmost point isn’t clear to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that at Bluff there is a port and a township, both readily accessible by car. At Slope Point there is nothing other than some sheep grazing in the paddocks and a 20 minute walk through farmland to a sign pointing to the South Pole and the Equator. It Adds Up It didn’t take much arithmetic to work out that Slope Point is in fact, the most southerly point. Its latitude ... read more
Where The Wild Wind Blows
Even More Wind
Jurassic Park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff March 25th 2010

Gentle Readers, At 11.51 am yesterday I reached Bluff. Whew! I shoved the Beast of Burden up a steep hill to a café overlooking that famous sign - the one with all the place names - and sat down to a meal of raw Bluff oysters and blue cod and chips and hot chocolate. Then I rode back the way I’d come to Invercargill, in cold rain and with a fierce westerly. The Vital Statistics Distance Travelled Auckland, Cape Reinga, Bluff: 4,889 kilometres Average Speed : About 18-19 kph. Average Speed in Past Few Days :19.6 kph. Max Speed : 68.4 kph near Tuatapere The Last Few Days From Manapouri (see last blog), I’ve travelled what’s called “The Southern Scenic Route” down through Tuatapere to Invercargill. They may call it “scenic”, but to be honest it’s ... read more
Will You Help?
With Maria & Jan

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff February 21st 2010

Greetings everyone!! This will be a short blog, but we visited a very cool point this weekend that I think you all will get a kick out of. We traveled for two days this weekend all the way to the bottom of the south island, to Invercargill, for a two-day assembly. Yesterday afternoon when the session had ended, we drove another half hour south to the southernmost point in the country, a tiny town called Bluff. Here we gathered (with Hungry) for the obligatory photos beneath the Land's End sign. For those of us who don't think in kilometers (ourselves included, though we're slowly starting to after four months!), here are some conversions: From New York City: 9,004 miles From London, England: 11,374 miles From the South Pole: 2,886 miles Of course Florida wasn't on the ... read more

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