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January 8th 2016
Published: January 17th 2016
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I did it folks..I got my first (and second) tattoo. Although I had initially planned for my second tattoo to be my first (I had an appointment booked in and everything), I happened to spontaneously walk into (another) tattoo parlor and get a tattoo a mere 5 days before my other appointment. I got a wave on my right bicep and a custom made sunflower/geometric type design on my upper back/lower neck (see attached picture). The second one took a gruesome 3 hours to do but it was worth it in the end. I'm super excited about them and can't wait until theyre completely healed and looking fabulous.

I got a few "what do they mean?" ..."is there some reason you got a flower and a wave?" ..."but what does it signify?!" from people at work this week.
isn't it funny how people fixate on the fact that if someone has a tattoo, it MUST have a deeper meaning. Sure, we can (and I have) found my own significance to them but why must there be a justification for having ink on my own body? I mean, isnt artistic expression significant too? We dress a certain way and cut and style our hair a certain way to express ourselves, do we not? So why not ink? Here's what I think...this has been the most amazing year of my life. I have grown so much and learnt so much. Everytime I glance to my right and see the little wave, or happen to see that flower on my back, it will bring me right back to this moment. Sure, I don't need a tattoo to cherish this experience but if I can have something as beautiful as a tattoo on me forever to remember this incredible year, why the heck not! I used to be one of those people that thought "but what if I regret it in 3 years?!"..."but what if I'm 60 years old and the tattoo doesnt mean anything anymore?". I've since realized that its useless trying to understand and predict what my 26 year old (or 60 year old) self will think about these tattoos because I'm not concerned about regret. I'm focusing on appreciation and I know that in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or even 50 years, I will glance at my 2 tattoos from this year and appreciate how much it meant to this 23 year old girl.


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