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March 26th 2008
Published: March 30th 2008
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Safe to say I've everything important in Wellington. Burger King, Great India Resturant and of course Dominoes. Had really odd hot dog from a tiny stall run by a nice Korean woman in Te Papa Museum car park. Plus i've even managed to cook a proper meal, and not poison myself. Pasta with Pepperami, Ham and Cheese (cheddar pick and mix) One jar of sauce with my left overs lasted 2 good meals. Attempting to recreate the meal tonight. Can't face anymore supernoodles. Told someone that beans on toast was my luxury meal, and meant it. Alphabeti Spaghetti would be a nice extravagance.

Wellington itself is a nice litttle city. For a capital city, it keeps the charm of a small port, while allowing every big business in the world to have a office there. Chock full of backpackers, and for the first few days, people with disturbing black eye makeup. Kiss, Alice Cooper and Lordi were staring the first night. Didn't get to Wellington in time otherwise may have been tempted. Following night was Whitesnake, Poison and Ozzy Osbourne. Shunned the excessive entry cost, but some very nice bloke saw me walking away in disgust and offered me his spare ticket at a nicely reduced rate. Concert was great. I can see why Ozzy has such a massive following. He really plays up to the crowd, puts on a great show. Good back catalogue to call on so plenty to get the crowd going. Never going to be as good as Meat Loaf, but no one is. Whitesnake and Poison were also good. Local band filled in the gaps, but the were stuck on stages off to the sides so the accoustics weren't as great. Good night. Nice intrtoduction to Wellington.

2nd day in Wellington was a Lord of The Rings tour. Included a look at Peter Jackson's studios (just from the outside sadly) the boat used for King Kong, his local cafe (being Easter Monday the chances of him popping in were pretty much nil, but nice cafe though) and a wide selection of locations used for the Trillogy. We even acted out the scenes. There do now exist picture of me dressed up as a hobbit, including a replica sword, cape and of course the pointy ears. No, I'm not putting them on display. I have some pride. Not much admittedly. Fun day.
The guide was a good laugh, albeit a little mean. He tortures kids for pleasure. Ours. They were playing on a rock in the middle of a nice gentle river. He took a savoury muffin and lobbed little bits at this rock, having asked the kids to calm down. 10 good sized eels emerged from under the rock. Poor kids panicked. Parents were walking over to have a look, but pushing the kids out in front of them. One little girl who was sat on top of the rock looked terrified, there was no way she could get off the rock now. Having stopped to enjoy the carnage for a bit, we wandered off. When we walked past half an hour later, could still hear the odd kid screaching "EELS" and all of his mates having hissy fits. So cruel, so funny.

Took the cable car up to the top of the botanical gardens, one quick look at the map back to he city and off I trot. Took another hour and a half to find the right exit. Oops. Very pretty gardens to amble round. Lots of nice little paths into the woods, nicely sculptured gardens and interesting sculptures.

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Present to WellingtonPresent to Wellington
Present to Wellington

Celebrates the link between the Maori's and the residents of Easter Island
King Kong was ereKing Kong was ere
King Kong was ere

Ship's about to be sunk. Would make great dive sight, though need big gorilla sticking out the cargo hold
Happy FamiliesHappy Families
Happy Families

Well most of them

Not so happy families anymore
Ick ick ickIck ick ick
Ick ick ick

He actually put the bug on his own shoulder, strange man

30th March 2008

Well I hope you enjoyed the fast food chains, as they're likely to be the last ones you see for a couple of months! I'm not sure the Incas were big into Burger King see. Glad you enjoyed the LOTR tour, sounds like fun. I will coerce you into showing me your hobbit pictures when you get back :D

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