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May 16th 2011
Published: May 21st 2011
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Well after a months of worken with footy and a shit load done its time to hit the road again. Left at 9am and by last night weather report im in for the strongest head wind yet. Wasnt bag up to Taurangra then it hit hard. I was on my way to Hamition witch was bound to be a 2 day trip. Even after 30ks my body was feeling the signs of not rideing for a months.
The ride over all wasnt to bad but the weather didnt know what it wanted to do rain one min then clear blue sky the nexted. The worst part of the ride was into the Kaimai forest its a long drag to the top. But then after 80k i was hurting and a nother large frong was not far from me so i pitched me tent in a paddock and camped there. with all the wind and rain even if it was 5pm theres was nothening to do but sleep. Was a rough night with wind and rain but ear plugs in i went streight to sleep.
It toke me agers to get up and going even after been in bed at 6pm the night before. Iwas up and out about 9am still very strong winds and once again ill be rideing in to them. My body is feeling the worst it has so far my left knee is herting likr buggery same with both hips and to go with that i have a cunt of a tooth ack but with any luck if i leave it lonfg enough it will just go away. After just 5ks i waas at the top of the Kaimais forest. there was a bit of a view but really i could see fuck all. The low cloud block everything but if it wasnt fore that it would of been great up there.
After getting to the top life was easy a nice 10k downhill and then a flat road all the way to hamiltion but its never that easy. Still the winbd blew hard i was lucky to be getting15ks and hour and with my body feeling like it was its was a dam long drag. The last 20k i had to stop every 5k if i got that far at all. My body was feeling real bad but i really hope it gets better for my trip from Cairns. I got into hamiltion at 4pm. Thank fuck for that.
The plan was to get the Train to Auckland but it only run fri sat sun over winter so i opted for the bus at 7.30am with was fine give me heaps of time in Auckland to get me self ready fly out.
After getting to Auckland i got a bike box booked my flight to Cairns and thats about where my NZ trip end. But where one tale ends another begeans.


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